[Mythtv-translators] Misspelled strings in mythfrontend

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Thu Oct 14 17:54:06 UTC 2010


> for mythfrontend a lot of strings have been added, two of them are
> misspelled in my opinion:
> * fasion -> fashion
> * soccor -> soccer

Unless something went very wrong, you shouldn't see these as Kenni 
submitted a patch to remove these from the translation many weeks ago. 
Something is not up to date in your checkout of the environment (my guess 
is you checked it out during the short period these strings were present). 

Don't translate these, we should be able to take care of them when you 
submit your translation (easiest way would be to remove the obsoletes).

These are strings which are used for North America only so you don't need 
to translate them.

BTW, Kenni and I had noticed the soccor typo but not the fasion one... (-;

Have a nice day!


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