[mythtv-theming] Themes for fixes/0.28

Roger Siddons dizygotheca at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 18 21:53:45 UTC 2016

On 18/02/16 01:07, John P Poet wrote:
> With MythTV 0.28 to be released next month, please let me know if you
> have a 0.28 specific version of your theme which you would like to be
> registered.
> Based on the commit messages, these might require changes to a theme:
> 518412b9e404631bf041c81f52c787e7c32ad0e1
> d9c6036f626d4b0e0e7eafed0001fad397450abf
> f64b513401d9278ad8ac202f942e06a525a62035
> 18479802b0ed452b04fdc253310c84f88ee4da93
> ea54bba38547971c699d089882285d366186b542
> f8d29ecf5dc30f39ac89083cf184d8880390c07c
 > 74eef7bd4b1f94aa545581ceab601639984f1fdb

The following relate to the new Images/Gallery that is part of core Myth 
and intended to replace the MythGallery plugin.

> 18e9f6f92b8f0bd138357a14840ad866e89eed1b
> 762e7bcb1341c614dd413a98206ec440ae93e55b
> 4bf9dac8c5d68a5475a31cc23f9490944fffb6ad
> e845eae3e846cd83873cf3844971b29fc6bc5219

No theme modifications are necessary: the default image-ui.xml should 
work well enough for all themes. The Theme Development Guide has been 

There is no default-wide version: the default one uses relative sizing 
to cater for all aspects.

An unusual feature of the Gallery is that it zooms thumbnails by 
switching between buttonlists. The theme must define an "images0" 
buttonlist for smallest/'most zoomed out' thumbnails. It can also define 
any number of optional (consecutively numbered) buttonlists "images1", 
"images2" etc for larger thumbnails that will be used when zooming in. 
The default theme file defines grids of 10x6, 8x4, 6x3 & 4x2.

Slideshow transitions may move images around the screen (for example the 
"Slide" transition). The default slideshow image is fullscreen. If you 
use a smaller image (ie. create a border) then you will need to add an 
image mask to prevent transitions from overdrawing the borders.

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