[mythtv-theming] (rant, bad language) virtual keyboard definitions

Angela angela.schmid at wolke7.net
Sat May 10 19:23:26 UTC 2014

> You have to define, in each <LANG>.xml, and for EVERY SINGLE KEY, to which
> key the up arrow takes you, to which key the down arrow takes you, to
> which key the left arrow takes you, and to which key the right arrow takes
> you.
> And you would have to do this for every single language ALL AT ONCE,
> because there is only one keyboard.xml.
> There are <LANG>_ui.xml files too, which I *really* hope aren’t actually used
> any more, because if they are then there are widgets in MythUI that I’ve
> never even heard of. There's <container>, <keyboard>, and what the hell is
> <fcnfont> for?

What I noticed is, that the keyboard xml files are not shared from themes/default/keyboard, they have to be copied in the theme directory.
Also noticed some naming oddities, in from themes/default/keyboard, a de.xml file exists, for me it only worked when coping them as de_de.xml.
The same goes for de_ui.xml vs. de_de_ui.xml.


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