[mythtv-theming] [0.27] Arclight

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Oct 24 07:23:03 UTC 2013

On 23 Oct 2013, at 19:50, Angela <angela.schmid at wolke7.net> wrote:

> I like to upgrade from 0.26 to 0.27-fixes.
> Has somebody successfully upgraded to 0.27 using the Arclight theme

I copied across the Arclight files so it was available in 0.27, it's still my favourite, actually the only theme I like.

The most noticeable 0.27 problem is the notification pop ups, they are very very not Arclight.

> (interested in recordings/videos menus)? Have you made any changes you like
> to contribute (as a starting point)?

I added a couple of things to the videos, duration and some other things I don't remember right now but I could easily generate a diff. It's nothing exciting but it was the first step towards thinking about, starting to research, considering making some small updates to the theme for 0.27...

Did I correctly indicate that I haven't done much other than think about it?

> I am looking for some users to build up an interest group of Arclight users
> interesting in coding or testing changes for 0.27, who is interested?


> Robert McNamara is not using mythtv anymore and gave us green light to make
> changes last year.

I saw that but haven't done much towards it since then.


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