[mythtv-theming] How to clone a theme in 0.25

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Thu Jul 19 10:31:03 UTC 2012



I have setup a 0.25 MythTV server and separate frontend. All good and
working - great.


I want to tinker just a little with the themes. Smart thing to do, usually,
is to clone a base theme, rename it and work on that - pretty standard


I have spent a lot of time looking but I cannot see how to do this, it seems
all has changed since 0.24. It seems in the past you just copied a theme
directory, updated "themeinfo.xml" and bingo you had a clone of a theme you
could work on.


Far as I can tell and I may have missed it, but there isn't any docs on how
to do this in 0.25, in fact as far as I can tell the only themes you can use
are ones that are downloaded. This seems a bit.. how to put this..
unexpected. I say this because if the only way to change themes is by
downloading from a server on the Internet what happens if the server is down
or your Myth box does not have internet access - unusual but I am sure it
must happen.


Anyone with info I would much appreciate it.


Yours Tony P

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