[mythtv-theming] MythTV-Themes project and old myththemes repo

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Feb 28 03:21:34 UTC 2012

Hello, themers!

Some of you may have noticed the recent removal of all content from the 
MythTV/myththemes repository on github ( 
).  I just wanted to send a short e-mail describing the reasoning for 
the change, and what it means to you, the themers.

The 2 (remaining) active themes in MythTV/myththemes repository 
(Childish and Mythbuntu) have both been moved to a new github project, 
MythTV-Themes ( https://github.com/MythTV-Themes ), along with a couple 
of other themes.  The main reason for the change is to allow us to grant 
pull/push (read/write) permissions to the theme authors and maintainers, 
so they don't need to ask one of the few MythTV developers to pull in 
any required changes to their themes--i.e. to cut out the middle man so 
we (generally non-theming) developers are no longer in your way.

The project is available for use by any themer who wants to use it.  If 
you're interested in moving your existing repository to the 
MythTV-Themes project, please let me know and I'll set up a new 
repository for you and provide you with the permissions you'll need on 
that repository.

If you're happy with your existing setup, there is no need to move your 
theme to the MythTV-Themes project (so if you prefer SVN or Bazaar or 
Mercurial or Google code or Sourceforge over git/github, or if you have 
your own git repository on your own project, or even if you're working 
without revision control and just packaging up your own tarballs, feel 
free to use whatever works best for you).  The Theme Chooser will work 
exactly the same with themes in the MythTV-Themes project or outside 
that project--all themes are "equal" and none will be treated as special 
by any part of MythTV.  (The idea is that all themes will eventually be 
treated as "external" and only the default themes will be installed 
automatically.  All others will be installed on request through the 
Theme Chooser.)

That said, if you would like to move your theme to MythTV-Themes 
project, it only takes a few seconds of my time to set you up, so there 
is no reason not to move if you think it may work well for you/your 
theme.  (I can also help you move your existing repository while 
maintaining existing history, too, so you won't lose anything.)

Mike Dean

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