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Robert Siebert trebor_s at web.de
Thu Aug 9 08:39:29 UTC 2012


Am 2012-08-09 1:34, schrieb Chris Pinkham: 

> * On Wed Aug 08, 2012
at 11:37:58PM +0200, Ted Verhagen wrote:
>> Thanks Chris! One
question: did you include the separate menu theme which is in the
MythMediaStreamMenu folder as well? I did create the menu especially to
match the theme as some of the menu items in the other menus are a bit
to long to fit the theme its menu lay-out.
> It was not originally
included, the packaging script didn't allow for
> directories outside
the theme directory to be included in the .zip
> package. I looked at it
earlier today and made a tweak/hack that
> would look for a
'themename'Menu subdirectory like your MythMediaStreamMenu
> subdir and
if the *Menu directory exists, it will be packaged along with
> the
theme itself. The Theme Chooser still doesn't set the user's menu to
be MythMediaStreamMenu though if they choose the MythMediaStream
> This is and idea we've tosssed around, so we might add that
> later. We also have talked about adding Menu Theme download
support to
> the theme chooser as well, so that concept or the idea of a
UI theme that
> includes a menu theme could come about.--
> Chris
> mythtv-theming mailing
> mythtv-theming at mythtv.org

Hi Chris,

adding the menu as well is a good idea. My upcoming blue-abstract-wide
1.8 theme will also include a menu but it will be called
blue-abstract-wide-menu. So I dunno if there should be some kind of
naming convention ...Menu or -menu. 

Robert S 
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