[mythtv-theming] MythMediaStream theme

Ted Verhagen ted.verhagen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 21:37:58 UTC 2012

> No need. :)  I just setup your theme to be packaged for 0.24 from your
> branch and for 0.25 and MythTV master from your master branch.  It should
> show up in an hour or two when the scripts and rsync run.

Thanks Chris! One question: did you include the separate menu theme which
is in the MythMediaStreamMenu folder as well? I did create the menu
especially to match the theme as some of the menu items in the other menus
are a bit to long to fit the theme its menu lay-out.

> Some themers have branch layouts
> similar to the following:
> 0.24 (MythTV 0.24 compatible version)
> 0.25 (MythTV 0.25 compatible version)
> mythtv-master (MythTV master compatible version)
> master (themer's working branch)

Seems like a good approach, I will setup the branches like that... I'm quit
new to git so have a lot to learn.

Cheers, Ted.
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