[mythtv-theming] 0.24 to 0.25 upgrade guide ?

Elkin Fricke managementboy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 06:16:55 UTC 2012

>> Is there a any list of what changes are needed between 0.24 and 0.25 ?
> Nothing ? Can anyone who has ported a theme give some pointers of what are
> the major differences ?

Hi Chris,

It's not easy to keep track of what changed as I have added features
as they appeared. Here a quick run down of what I can remember:

- Animations
- Several popups moved from mythvideo to mainline
- Season / Episodes where added
- A Settings Wizard was added
- Search popup was added
- templates changed a bit
- scroll for textareas
- Several changes to how some tags are written
and much more

most of it can be seen as diffs in the Wiki at



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