[mythtv-theming] Arclight 25.12 %DPMTO%, %TID% displayed in right corner

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sat Apr 14 18:53:11 UTC 2012

Hi Rune!

On 4/14/2012 2:01 PM, Rune Evjen wrote:
> Thank you Nicolas and Stuart for clarifying this.

No problem...

> I have tested this by restoring the transtaltion of string %DATE%,
> %TIME% in mythfrontend_nb.ts to the original value, and the date/time
> is displayed correctly.

That's good news!

> I will create separate tickets with patches for 0.25-fixes and master
> to correct this.

I don't think you need to make two different patches as I believe no 
strings were removed or modified yet so the same patch can be applied to 
both (new strings are not a problem, 0.25-fixes will simply not use them).

Have a nice day!


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