[mythtv-theming] Help requested adjusting a .22 theme

Rick rbonafied at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 16:53:39 UTC 2010


I've been following the 'annoyances' thread with interest and it got me
wondering if I am able to adjust one of the provided themes to work a
little better for me.

I use the 'mythcenter' theme.  I'd like to change the behavior of the

1) When in the watch recordings screen, after I watch something I delete
it.  Upon deleting, the highlighted program pops to the top of the list
instead of the line just above or below the item I deleted.

2) In the program finder screen (under manage recordings, schedule
recordings), I find the highlight loses it's place if you go too far to
the right.  Try this: go down the alphabet to say around 'd' or 'e'.
Then hit the right arrow, or right button and start scrolling thru the
shows to somewhere in the middle of the pack.  Hit the right button
again and you're on the times for the given show.  NOW - Accidently hit
right again and your at the beginning of the show list...Ug!!

3) In any of the settings screens, if a choice is simply a checkbox, I
have a very tough time seeing it.  Is there a way to make it more
obvious the cursor is active on a particular line?

4) I'd like to make the font bigger and possibly display more
information in the program details screen.  (I get to it by hitting the
'U' key)

Thank you!

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