[mythtv-theming] running external programs from MythTv? and some more...

tomas.hylander at gmail.com tomas.hylander at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 19:30:22 UTC 2010

I've been trying to get something to work but I guess I need some help.

Not completely sure that it works, but what I want is to run a script from  
within MythTv.

my button is defined in base.xml and looks like this;
<button name="status">
<statetype name="buttonstate">
<state name="active">
<imagetype name="background">
<textarea name="text">
<font state="selected">basemedium</font>
<font state="disabled">basemediumgrey</font>
<state name="selected" from="active" />
<state name="disabled" from="active" />
<state name="pushed" from="active">
<imagetype name="background">
<textarea name="text">

I then call it from menu_ui.xml with a simple "<button name="TV-Status"  
from="status" />"

But where do I use the "<Action>EXEC myscript.py</Action>"

Or can I only use the types and actions listed on the link??

Thankful for anyhelp!

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