[mythtv-theming] running external programs from MythTv? and some more...

tomas.hylander at gmail.com tomas.hylander at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 13:34:06 UTC 2010

Just got most things work on my mythtv after a year or so of configuration  

Now Id like to look at the wonderful world of theming, mostly since I still  
run on 4:3-screen.

Somethings confuse me tho, so you'll probably hear from me more..

1. Is it possibly to run external programs from within MythTv? (a button  
linked to terminal for exempel)
Think I've read it somewhere but cant find it now..

2. I have difficulties with Area-properties, is there a way to but a border  
along the area? (like border in html-tables)

3. Animation is no go in MythTv? (ok its just eye-candy I know...)

Thanks in advance!
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