[mythtv-theming] new theme/join the competition

Reto Wechner retowechner at gmx.de
Fri Feb 5 23:37:01 UTC 2010

> Reto,
> As you may have seen, we have extended the final date for the
> competition to the 15th.  That said, you have some serious completion
> issues with your theme, and it does not currently meet the minimum
> requirements for entry.  You have not themed MythWeather, or MythNews,
> haven't themed most of the MythUI settings screens like the few found
> in mythtv-setup, the DVD, CD, and music file import screens, etc.  I
> urge you to re-read the rules and the references for all the -ui files
> and complete the many missing screens before the due date so that we
> can accept your theme for the competition.
> Robert

Ok thank you very much for your second chance. I knew that my theme
doesn't include mythweather and mythnews, but i didn't have enough time
and i don't use these plugins for myself, so i didn't theme it yet, but
i will do it now. The DVD, CD and music-import screens are new to me
because i didn't use them yet but i will do them too. But i didn't find
the settings screens you mentioned. i did the channeleditor and the
icondownload screens so whats missing in the mythtv-setup?

But i've got another issue too. When i'm using my osd with videos with a
bad resolution (for example 352 x 288), the statusbar gets strange
colours, that means that the bar is for example pink instead of the
normal blue. could this be a scaling issue?

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