[mythtv-theming] visual feedback on mythwelcome's "start Mythfrontend" button

Noah Knowles bodhileok at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 19:03:29 UTC 2010

Hi, a minor problem, but for me, in most themes (running trunk), clicking on
the mythwelcome start-mythfrontend button, I see no visual "click". Since
mythfrontend can take a while to start, I am always left wondering for a bit
if the click registered. Looking at the code
(WelcomeDialog::startFrontendClick), it looks like visual feedback is
intended. Only Childish, Graphite (both of which use the default
welcome-ui.xml), and MythCenter-wide do this right (although it still
doesn't seem totally right because the button changes color but doesn't
change back to represent the "release" part of the click-- maybe
mythfrontend takes over the screen before the "release" can be shown?). I am
fairly ignorant of theming in general, but fwiw, attached is a simple patch
for the theme I use, Arclight, that works for me.
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