[mythtv-theming] New to theming

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 02:28:31 UTC 2009

Hi I am new to this mailing list, but have been on mythtv-users for
ages and also run mythtv-nz. Yes I am a kiwi :) I have been playing
with myth on and off since about 0.18 (I think) but really making good
use of it since about 0.20.

First, can I say that someone needs to add this mailing list to the
ones mentioned here:


Presently it only refers to -users -dev and -commits.

Now my real question, how do the pros develop their themes? Whats the

I have done some very light gui development using stuff like visual
studio or delphi where you can interactively place widgets in a dialog
box and then incorporate the results in a wider program.

Is there anything similar for placing widgets in a myth theme? Or do
people just write their xml code and then reload themes in a frontend
to see if it looks right? That seems like a fairly time consuming
process, especially as I read on -users today that you need to restart
mythfrontend to make use of any changes to a theme.

Also whats a good version control system to use for developing themes?

Thanks for any input/tips, cheers.

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