[mythtv-theming] Modifying base themes

David Engel david at istwok.net
Mon Oct 19 19:58:15 UTC 2009

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 11:20:53AM -0500, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> The only issue is I don't have any plan to touch the MythCenter-wide because
> I don't have a wide system.  Is it a problem for me to make changes to just
> one part as I try to improve it so that someone else can adapt those to the
> -wide version or should I just package it as a different theme without a
> -wide component?

I like the simplistic style of the wide and non-wide versions of
MythCenter and intend to keep using them until something comparable
and better comes along.

I say take your best stab at adapting your non-wide changes to the
wide version as well.  Unless someone who is more graphically inclined
wants to step in, I'll work with you to make sure they are acceptable
and get them into svn.

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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