[mythtv-theming] Modifying base themes

Kevin Kuphal kkuphal at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 16:20:53 UTC 2009

Does anyone have any issues with submitting modifications to the base
MythCenter (non-wide) theme?  I've been using it for a long time with 0.21
and I upgraded to 0.22 last night and it basically inherits most of it's
screens from the default theme.  Some of the fonts, colors, etc are not
quite what they used to be in the previous version so I'm trying my hand at
making it look as much like 0.21 in key places as possible and then maybe
try upgrading other screens as my skill allows.

The only issue is I don't have any plan to touch the MythCenter-wide because
I don't have a wide system.  Is it a problem for me to make changes to just
one part as I try to improve it so that someone else can adapt those to the
-wide version or should I just package it as a different theme without a
-wide component?

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