[mythtv-theming] blue-abstract-wide: no top entry in recordings list

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Mon Oct 19 16:10:13 UTC 2009

Hi *

I just migrated my production system (BE, 3xFE) to 0.22-fixes.
General feedback is very positive. 0.22 received incredible progress 
comparing to 0.21.
As theme of choice I'm using blue-abstract-wide.
For playback I have configured "Always Prompt for initial group filter"

All works OK but I have one annoying issue and one acceptable issue:

- choosing recordings pop-ups list with all group filters but this 
pop-up and whole screen drawed in alpha grayed style. Pressing any key 
redraws pop-up list and screen to normal look. This is rather estetic 
issue, so familly can live with it.

-selecting group filter gives after that screen with list of recordings, 
but top entry in recordings list isn't visible. Pressing down or 
left/right key causing magic and missing entry in recordings list 
appears. This is quite annoying as users are little confused because 
initial view hasn't first entry in recordings. Issue isn't dependent on 
"Start in group list" on/off. Disabling "Always Prompt for initial group 
filter" causes that list of recordings is drawn OK. It looks like 
triggering pop-up list with group filters causes missing recordings 
entry issue, as asking for change group filter at any time triggers this 
My system is: minimyth svn5685 with 0.22-fixes svn22512, nv190.40, 
xorg1.6.5, mesa7.6, nv8200 IGP chipset.

Issue is only with blue-abstract-wide. With Graphite all is OK.



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