[mythtv-theming] Help with theme writing (porting Retro)

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 19:53:35 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 11:46 AM, Christopher X. Candreva
<chris at westnet.com> wrote:
> OK, Thank you to Robert McNamara for directing me here, and a recap of a
> question I just posted on the users list:
> Full theme I'm working on:
> http://www.westnet.com/~chris/Mythtv/Retro-wide.tar.gz
> Just the file in question:
> http://www.westnet.com/~chris/Mythtv/recordings-ui.xml
> I'm working on themeing the recordings-ui.xml file. Starting from the
> default theme, I wanted to replace the rounded area used to select a
> subtitle with an image.  I replaced this:
>                <state name="selected" from="active">
>                    <shape name="selectbar">
>                        <area>25,0,857,30</area>
>                    </shape>
>                </state>
> With this:
>                <state name="selected" from="active">
>                    <imagetype name="selectbar">
>                        <filename>rk-selectbar.png</filename>
>                        <crop>0,0,880,29</crop>
>                    </imagetype>
>                </state>
> This 'works', however, mythfrontend now displays an error about a duplicate
> object "selectbar".
> Robert McNamara responds:
>> It is being defined-- in the "active" state.  "<state name="selected"
>> from="active">" means *everything* in the active state is inherited,
>> and everything in selected is an override.  If you don't directly
>> address the items defined in the active state, they will show up
>> exactly as defined there.  The shape and the image both show up
>> because they're different objects.  One inherited from Active and one
>> newly defined.
> Except it's not defined in any of my files. grep shows it only appears in my
> recordings-ui.xml, and the first appearance is on line 79 -- where I get my
> error. The other appearance is in a different window.

I would need to look deeper at your XML to have any idea where it was
occurring, but the symptom you are describing is an inheritance XML

Which I just did.

<buttonlist name="recordings" from="basebuttonlist2">

So your recording buttonlist is inheriting from basebuttonlist2, which
is in base.xml for the default themes.  So the inheritance is going
like this:

basebuttonlist2(in base.xml)->the recordings buttonlist in
recordings-ui.xml->the selected state in that buttonlist.

The active state is being inherited all the way through.

> The only place this would be defined is in default-wide/base.xml
> I have my own Retro-wide/base.xml that doesn't define it, and the console
> output of mythfrontend doesn't show Retro-wide/base.xml being loaded. (At
> least my notes from last night don't show it.)

Your theme wouldn't load without a base.xml, so it is being loaded.
It would occur at frontend startup.

> Should I expect the default-wide/base.xml to be loaded, even if I have my
> own ?

Yes.  The default (or default-wide for wide themes) base.xml is always
loaded at frontend startup to facilitate falling back to the various
default screens.  Thus the inheritance path above.


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