[mythtv-theming] coverfile vs screenshot

Robert McNamara robert.mcnamara at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 04:42:06 UTC 2009

Some of what people are looking for here should be handled by r21370,
so you may want to SVN up.

I've set it such that the buttonimage will be the screenshot instead
of coverfile if the parent node and the item have the same title.  The
buttontext will be the subtitle.

So, if you have


Obviously the key here is to have your items set w/ title in the title
field and subtitle in the subtitle field.  If you have legacy data or
a broken grabber script so the title field has "Lost 1x01 - Pilot,"
that won't work.  You need title = Lost, Season = 1, episode = 1,
subtitle = pilot.  The item nodes will use screenshots instead of
coverfile, and you will see the subtitle if the theme uses the
buttontext field (Terra does, Graphite does not).


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