[mythtv-theming] coverfile vs screenshot

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Aug 16 12:32:38 UTC 2009

On 08/16/2009 04:39 AM, paul10 wrote:
> So, I'm trying to work out how to do something similar.
> I have a set of videos that didn't originate in recordings.  Well, they
> actually did, but they're music videos, and I edited the show to break them
> down into their component videos.  At the moment they show blank images in
> the gallery view, and it is unlikely that they'll get metadata downloaded
> unless I'm spectacularly lucky.  
> What would be nice is to use screenshots for each.  What would be even
> better is to be able to select the screenshot during playback - have a menu
> item that lets you pause it and then say "set screenshot as coverfile" or
> similar.  But actually, anything that worked would be OK - something that
> gets a screenshot the same way as recorded programmes do would also be
> nice.

Bind a key to SCREENSHOT in the TV Playback context using MythControls.  
Then, hit that key during playback or when paused.  Then, check 
$HOME/.mythtv for the screenshot image.


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