[Mythtv-soc] Reminder: Please commit your code

Anastasiya Soboleva agsoboleva at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 19:32:08 UTC 2006

This is revision log of my commited code into
multiuser branch

06/26/06 rev 10307 Command REMOVE_ACCOUNT and handler
were added into mythbackend

06/22/06 rev 10280 command ADD_ACCOUNT was added, 
MythContext was changed for account

06/21/06 rev 10266 Column accountid was added into
settings and accounts classes were changed

06/19/06 rev 10245 Account were added into MythContext

06/19/06 rev 10233 HandleSetAccount() were added

06/15/06 rev 10213 user account classes were corrected

06/12/06 rev 10190 user account classes were added


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