[Mythtv-soc] MythMusic Revamp Status: 06/16/06

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Sat Jun 17 03:17:41 UTC 2006

I spent this week pulling code over from mfd's plugin system and working 
it in to the mythmusic base. Drew up a chart of what functions a plugin 
that exposes music to the frontend should have, and ran in to some 
pitfalls. It looks like the code for retrieving metadata from files off 
the hard drive, and storing it in MySQL needs to be moved in to the 
local filesystem plugin. That's fine, but I'm unsure where this leaves 
the album art fetching. It seems silly to try and fetch album art for a 
DAAP source through the mfdplugin that might disappear in an hour, so 
should there only be album art for local music? Should the album art 
passing-around happen through the plugin(s), or should the plugin just 
set a flag saying whether album art should/shouldn't be retrieved for 
music coming from this source? For the early implementation I think I'm 
going to pull it out of the branch completely so the bulk of the work 
can get done. I started on a simple dummyplugin that only includes the 
debugging features, and will soon send a hardcoded song or two to test 
the interface. The PluginManager is missing right now though so no 
testing just yet.

Next week:
 - Finish the list of plugin functions
 - Build PluginManager, add loading code
 - Add default song or two to dummyplugin
 - Move mfe code to mfdplugin, filesystem and metadata loading/saving to 

John Hurliman

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