[Mythtv-soc] Multi-User: Status Report 6/16/2006

Anastasiya Soboleva agsoboleva at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 20:36:22 UTC 2006


On this week I got acquainted with MythTv code writing
requirements. Then I corrected user account classes
according with these requirements.  
Also I consider in implementation of these classes
some suggestions from my mentor (Daniel Kristansson). 
I fixed these changes at my branch. Beside this I
continue embedding multi-user subsystem into existing
MythTv code. Now Iím changing global MythTV context
for supporting accounts.  

Next week Iím going to organize work of some users. 
In the meantime login will implement through command
line. Iím going realize some account/user
abilities/features such as choosing theme or other
user-specific information. As I make out all nuances
of this implementation for one option Iíll be able to
implement  other user-specific parameters.


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