[Mythtv-soc] MythUI Migration: Status Report 6/9/2006

Andy Daniels gutano at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 01:14:44 UTC 2006


This week:
-Continued my exploration of libmythui and other related files (this is 
implied, I will not continue to include this in updates).
-Decided on the first screen and began migrating it to libmythui: System 
-Finished evaluating approaches to code management:  I will conduct 
development within my own tree.  During transitional periods (between 
screens, etc), attempt to apply my changes to the current svn-head.  If 
all goes well, I will then check-in my updated svn-head to my svn, and 
continue development from there.  I will do my best to keep the MythUI 
Migration updates separate from the svn-head updates.
-Updated test screen (I believe I will continue to update this 
throughout the project to demonstrate "best practices" with libmythui).

Next week:
-Finish migrating the "System Status" screen to libmythui.
-Update MythUI branch to current svn-head.
-Update test screen.
-Continue migrating existing screens to libmythui.


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