[Mythtv-soc] MythExport: Status Report 2006.06.02

Jason Scott Musits jmusits at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 03:26:03 UTC 2006

Hello all,

Sorry for the late post, I got stuck at work until late today.

So far I have:
* set up mt dev box and gotten the svn version of MythTV running on it.
* familiarized myself with libavformat/libavcodec
* familiarized myself with the appropriate parts of libmyth/libmythtv
* familiarized myself with portions of mythtranscode and mpeg2fix
* started laying out program flow and a class structure for mythexport
* am currently seeing what parts of mythtranscode can be used by     
  mythexport and what parts need to written anew. 
* started writing test case/program driver


* learn more about how mythtranscode and mpeg2fix work
* finish program flow and class structure 
* start writing function/class stubs
* familiarize myself with the database more



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