[Mythtv-soc] MythMusic Revamp: Status Report 6/2/2006

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Fri Jun 2 23:36:18 UTC 2006


Entry text:

The project is still in the layout phase, but I did get a chance to 
tinker around with the mfd/mfe setup a bit and it looks like I'm going 
to lift the plugin architecture from mfd to use as the pluggable 
backends. Going in to this I wasn't sure if MythMusic was going to need 
a full rewrite or just some new features, and luckily it looks like it 
just needs some retrofitting.

The diagram below points out where the new plugin architecture is going 
to fit in. It might also be possible to use a similar setup for the 
visuals, although if no one is asking for the feature it would be last 
priority. Still working out where the CD ripping fits in, as mfd 
mentioned some type of support for this but I need to look at it closer 
and get ahold of Thor. For the UI changes, most of it will still work 
the same except all the controls will be broken out in to theme elements 
in the main screen, the select music screen and the playlist screen as 
well as possibly the CD ripping dialog. Select music and the playlist 
will get a user input overhaul to allow "SMS" style searching and better 
organization methods overall. The other new portions of code to be 
written are the backend plugins. Right now the only two absolutely 
confirmed are a "local file" plugin which just polls /mnt/store/music/ 
(hopefully the polling nature of this plugin removes the need for the 
Scan for New Music button as well) and an mfd client that will take much 
of it's code from mfe. Given time, another plugin I was looking at would 
be read-only support for an iPod plugged in to the frontend. With the 
availability of libraries to do this already it shouldn't be difficult 
to implement, depending on how the timeline for higher priority elements 


John Hurliman
jhurliman at wsu.edu

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