[Mythtv-soc] MythWeather-revamp: 6/30/06

Lucien D. ldunning at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 01:18:13 UTC 2006

This week I have been working on getting things to interact with the database
and removing the various hardcoded hacks I'd put in previously.  I've rewritten
most of the code that deals with the interaction between the screens and
scripts, and am just finishing up working the kinks out of it.  Once it is done
I will start working on setup screens and more screens/scripts.  It turned out
to be a bit more involved than I thought, so I'm a bit behind schedule, but I
should hopefully be caught up this weekend.  I'll commit the stuff dealing with
the database in the next few days, along with a sql script or 2 to insert some
test data into the db, to use until I've got the setup screens written.


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