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Wed Jul 26 09:00:12 UTC 2017

The annotated tag, v29-rc1 has been created on the
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  replaces  v29-pre
 tagged by  Stuart Auchterlonie
        on  Wed Jul 26 09:56:08 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging first release candidate for v29

Argus (1):
      mythzmserver: fix building the server standalone

Bill Meek (11):
      Coverity: Fixes CID 1358509, solution from Roger Siddons
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'mitchcapper/video_service_child_id'
      HTTP Server: Provide additional CORS support
      HTTP Server: Change HOST_NAME_MAX to 1024 for some buildbots
      Revert "Refs #12782 Fix segmentation fault in QMetaObject::indexOfClassInfo()"
      Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs
      Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs
      Session Management: Allow Percent encoded URLs to pass authentication
      Services API: Dvr/GetTitleInfoList was returning Deleted recordings.
      Services API: Add/UpdateRecordSchedule, prevent DB Errors when timestamps aren't passed
      Services API: Log more Guide/GetChannelIcon errors

BlackEagle (1):
      add compatibility for libcec4

Bradley Baetz (1):
      Fixes #12754 - Fix deadlock in libcec initialization.

Brian J. Murrell (1):
      Fixes #12831 Warn the user if the database ping fails

Britney Fransen (2):
      PlaybackBox::CreateProgramInfoString: Don't cutdown the subtitle, instead
      Add categorytype to Program.pm and mythlink.pl

Cédric Schieli (4):
      Add journal support
      Make --systemd-journal explicitely conflict with --syslog

David Blain (15):
      Allows building using Visual Studio 2015 with Qt 5.6
      Fix include filename case.
      Correct library path and Qt Modules
      Added libmythservicecontracts to the include path for plugins
      Add libmythservicecontracts to include path for additional test projects
      Hard code Visual Studio 2015 until buildbot config gets sorted out.
      Fixes #12510 - WSDL Generation for RecStatus.Type
      Use 64bit environment variables instead of 32bit.
      Add pre-converted project file for zeromq
      Remove hard coded msvc version number
      Change the way webkit support is removed for Qt 5.6.
      Fix issue with TagLib for MSVC build.
      Add missing prototype for default constructor
      Fix zlib path for visual studio configuration
      Quick fix for windows MSVC build.

David Engel (32):
      Add maximum recording limit to the capturecard table.
      Add reclimit to the InputInfo class.
      Remember to save mythversion.h before commiting protocol changes.
      Tweak the finsl sorting in the scheduler to be slightly more stable.
      Add reccount to the InputInfo class.
      Change MainServer::HandleGetFreeInputInfo() to honor reclimit.
      Simplify and change ChannelBase::IsInputAvailable() to honor reclimit.
      Change TV::ShowOSDAskAllow() to honor reclimit.
      Fix MainServer::HandleGetFreeInputInfo() to return the excluded
      Simplify TV::SwitchSource() and TV::IsTunableOn().
      Removed the two-argument RemoteRequestFreeInputList().
      Change the scheduler to honor reclimit.
      Change Scheduler::SlaveConnected() to handle multiple programs per
      Fix regression in ChannelBase::IsInputAvailable().
      Revert most of the recent changes dealing wiht reclimit.
      Add support for configuring the schedule as group feature.
      Change CardUtil::GetConflictingInputs() to ignore schedgroup inputs.
      Hopefully really fix a multiplex/channel restriction check.
      Add "Pending" as a formal recording status.
      More prepatory work for the schedula as group feature.
      Don't treat the schedgroup input as just a placeholder.
      Add the remaining support for the Schedule as Group feature.
      Allow the Schedule as Group feature to be enabled in mythtv-setup.
      Work around a suspected Qt bug affecting some settings.
      Change AutoExpire::Update() to use a proper queue.
      Fix scheduler affinity calculation for back to back recordings.
      Only offer schedulable inputs as preferred in ScheduleEditor.
      Improve the short circuiting in Scheduler::IsBusyRecording().
      Raise the maximem maximum recording limit to 10.
      Only list visisble channels when creating a manual recording.
      Fix typo and oversight which broke the internal TV web pages.
      Fix issue with find recording rules.

Gary Buhrmaster (21):
      Update tables related to the program table
      Patch to increase hdhr max returned buffer size
      Add logging of hdhr statistics
      Insert any program ratings available from (future) EIT parsing
      Fixes #12764 - compilation of abs function with latest gcc/libstdc++
      From 182559340368ebc9b265a3f53916dc2db11afef7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      Insert XMLTV categories as MythTV genres - DBEvent updates
      Fixes #12765 - Only close valid filedescriptors
      Support tuning via freqid translation for ExternalRecorder
      Do not report "No data from external app" when data was returned.
      MythDownloadManager: Support User-Agent passthrough. Fixes #12386
      mythfilldatabase: Handle duplicate programratings. Fixes #12914
      Use XMLTV dd_progid data to create seriesid
      Move libmythnvctrl to external/libXNVCtrl, and update references
      Improve fromXMLTVDate processing for mythfilldatabase
      Validate the programme starttime/channel early
      Fix parsing of season from xmltv
      New feature for mythfilldatabase to optionally not use allatonce.
      Fixes #13050 - Properly enable symbol visibility for GCC7
      Fixes #13013 - Remove warning and use a Qt method which achieves the same result
      Fixes #13015 - mythfilldatabase leap-second problem.

Gregorio Gervasio (1):
      Add support for A53 captions.

Guenter Kukkukk (1):
      Refs #12945 - Add HEVC to the mpegts parser.

Ian Campbell (1):
      musicscanner: Compare music_directory.path as binary

Jean-Yves Avenard (18):
      Revert "Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback"
      Ignore vscode config directory
      Resync FFmpeg to 3.2
      Remove libfaac encoder related code.
      Remove dependency on libmp3lame.
      Prevent potential out of bound memory access.
      Prevent out of bound access when table is empty.
      Re-enable compiling mythffplay
      Only delete original recording if explictly set.
      Properly handle stride size when transcoding.
      Properly handle stride size when transcoding in fifo mode.
      Fix FIFO transcoding.
      Fixes transcoding when decoder doesn't ouput YUV420 frame.
      Prevent out of bound access when invalid parameters are provided
      Fix RTjpeg transcoding.
      Make --delete act as an override and ignore global settings.
      Bump ABI version.
      Update SPDIFEncoder to use new AVFormat API.

John Poet (54):
      Mark a recording as failing if ThreadedFileWriter has started ignoring
      Add log message if cardinput.schedorder has not be set to a valid value.
      Fix errant space.
      mythfilldatabase - xmltvparser.cpp:  Fix whitespace.
      mythfilldatabase - xmltvparser.cpp: xmltv starts partNumber/totalParts at
      Revert "mythfilldatabase - xmltvparser.cpp: xmltv starts partNumber/totalParts at"
      mythfilldatabase: Also try matching ATSC major.minor when update xmltvid.
      Revert "From 7bfc97ed65809d0ecd8c7b0394f7fa12e50ea28f Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001"
      Revert "From 11d3185a118ff0e42e2b8ab3e6499b8d97ad3b07 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001"
      When scanning channels, avoid producing a negative channel number.
      Guest star
      Bump API
      Revert "Bump API"  I meant to type `stg push`, not `git push`
      Revert "From 182559340368ebc9b265a3f53916dc2db11afef7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001"
      Revert "Guest star"  I meant to type `stg push`, not `git push`
      Stop mythfilldatabase from creating duplicate channels just because they are
      Create a progInfoList to use instead of an html page for program details.
      programdetails window: Allow more lines of text.
      Do ASI part of [792e89ed5]
      progdetails: No longer using HTML, so don't escape <, >
      Cleanup whitespace in some of the Services API files.
      Add a Service API method for returning seektable information.
      ServicesAPI: Add RecodIdForFilename()
      Scheduler::FillRecordingDir: Fix a race condition trying to start a
      TVRec::TuningNewRecorder: On failure, make sure scheduler knows about it.
      ServicesAPI: Add ability to Stop/Reactivate a recording.
      ProgDetails::loadPage: slightly change order of items to more logically
      In programdata.cpp, add_genres is local only, and should have been set as
      Allow multiple element names with different dependancies.
      debug theme depen
      Revert "debug theme depen".  stgit occationally surprises me.
      When matching textarea element names, do not limit element names to letters
      ExternalStreamHandler: Try and be a little more tolerant of slighly
      ExternalStreamHandler: Under stress, the external application may not
      Make sure a ringbuffer switch is checked at least every 10 seconds.
      Propagate recorder ids to streamhandlers to make logging easier to follow.
      Scheduler: For consistency, put [] around card_id in log messags.  This
      Another attempt at preventing mythfilldatabase from inserting duplicate
      Add system even logging.
      In the themes "Recording Group", hide groups that start with a dot (.)
      Add a "pre-fail" system event.  This triggers 2/3 of the way to the "fail"
      Somehow missed a return in [af199e7156]
      Apparently [d82629a4d] results in poor perfomance on very slow frontends.
      Apparently [d82629a4d] results in poor perfomance on very slow frontends.
      Extend the timeout from [34ad18e0c] to 60 seconds.  With it at 10 seconds,
      GuideGrid::fillChannelInfos: Use LoadChannels()
      Make sure we get a valid channel when starting up LiveTV.
      ChannelBase::GetChanID()   : Prefer a visible channel
      asistreamhandler: Fix typo reported by Karl Dietz.
      Revert "Make sure we get a valid channel when starting up LiveTV."
      ProgramInfo::ToMap: Add a copy of 'description' called 'description0'.
      Services API: Dvr::GetUpcomingList: Don't require ShowAll for in-progress but
      Channel Scanner GUI: Add percentage text back in.

Jonatan Lindblad (63):
      Settings: Fix compilation when debug is enabled
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Settings: Port the backend settings in mythtv-setup to MythUI
      Settings: API updates
      Settings: Add legacy setName/byName interface
      Settings: Add setValue(int) variant
      Settings: Add method to remove a child
      Settings: Don't display hidden settings
      Settings: Add support for hiding passwords in text entries
      Settings: Rework how settings are loaded and saved
      Settings: Make sure the current value is displayed in combo boxes
      Settings: Make signal/slot connections work by moving the objects to the main thread
      Settings: Port the storage group editor to MythUI
      Settings: Fix settings incorrectly being marked as changed
      Settings: Add methods to MythUIComboBoxSetting
      Settings: Add setVisible and clearTargetedSettings methods
      Settings: Add method to delete a targeted child
      Settings: Port the playback profile editor to MythUI
      Settings: Fix incorrect signal/slot connection
      Settings: Don't hardcode fallback strings for the help & title text areas
      Settings: Tweak the default theme
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Settings: Add a method to add several targeted settings
      Settings: Remove use of deprecated qVariantValue
      Settings: Remove MythUIComboBoxSetting inheritance from MythUISpinBoxSetting
      Settings: Port the Mac settings to MythUI
      MythNews: Fix the menu handling when no sites have been added
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      MythFrontend: Allow playback of streamed https:// files
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      MythDialogBox: Allow lambda functions as slots
      Settings: Port the recording & transcoder profiles to MythUI
      Settings: Start converting capture card settings to MythUI
      Settings: Convert the DiSEqC settings to MythUI
      Settings: Port the channel scanner to MythUI
      Settings: Port the channel editor to MythUI
      Settings: Rename the playback group class to minimize translation impact
      MythUI: Replace a few MythPopupBox::showOkPopup with the MythUI version
      Settings: Remove settings.h from standardsettings.h
      Settings: Remove inheritance to TriggeredConfigurationGroup for some classes
      Settings: Only emit valueChanged if the value was actually changed
      Settings: Remove unneeded call to MythUISpinBox::AddSelection
      Settings: Remove a no longer relevant comment
      Settings: Avoid marking the screen refresh rate as changed
      MythUI: Allow functions as slots in MythMenu and ShowOkPopup
      Settings: Allow individual video sources to be deleted through the menu
      Settings: Port MythTerminal to MythUI
      Settings: Avoid marking the audio device as changed
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/mythui/settings
      Settings: Port the transport editor to MythUI
      Settings: Port the creation of input groups to MythUI
      Settings: Add support for deleting playback groups
      Settings: Move the new playback group editor to libmythtv
      Settings: Fix some settings being incorrectly marked as changed
      Settings: Remove TODO comment
      TV: Fix ESCAPE being ignored

Karl Dietz (88):
      fix typo and doxify
      fix typo in german translation
      protect GLMatrix4x4 against accidential implicit conversion
      document optimization potential in GLMatrix4x4 for now
      Rewrite of the EIT Fixup for Sky Germany
      silence static analysis error
      reword log messages around server side scripting to make them distinguishable
      call SetMaskImageFilename by reference
      add note about removed settings
      update MYTH_BINARY_VERSION to match MYTH_SOURCE_VERSION after the v29-pre tag
      fix parsing of version numbers in theme updater
      update version parser in themechooser for v29 (without leading 0.)
      make configure report slightly more verbose
      fix libcec include path detection issue
      use 4 space indenting
      fix automatic detection of systemd on Arch
      have locker name match name of held lock
      move remaining bytes to beginning of buffer with memmove instead of memcpy
      remove unused type
      add type to FixUpType enum
      test eitfixup enum
      extend 64bit eitfixup unit test
      test 1<<31 vs 1u<<31 in eit fixup flags
      add descriptive texts to mytharchive
      let IPTV recorder recognize HTTPS urls
      update german translation with new context GalleryDbSettings
      update german translation to 100%
      compile updated german translation
      unbreak JW Player menu item (and three other) in the web frontend
      Cache grabber path in mythfilldatabase
      Add configuration widget for dvb_eitscan to HD HomeRun devices
      silence warning about unused parameter in servicecontract
      mythnews: UTF-8 encode string literal
      mythzoneminder: avoid string + int when we already converted it to string
      unbreak one-click-installation of JW Player
      don't leak pChannelInfos
      don't leak pLineups
      don't leak pCutList
      don't leak pList
      track previous percentage across invocations
      prefer playback from last played position over playing from beginning
      mimic non-/const assert like in other functions
      fix typo in german translation (user vs. used)
      add missing deletes before throwing
      let EIT fixup for Unitymedia parse star-rating withou space between x/y
      cleanup after unit tests
      add test for 999e1972d8d6fa133a250773255f4402750c8e9c
      update documentation in version.sh after 70a157f96c5644510700057cb9437395188c67d9
      merge multiple translatable substrings that form one sentence
      add missing delete before throw (memory leak)
      update german translation with the latest new strings
      don't translate recording status CSS classes (use RecStatusToClass)
      suppress cppcheck errors forced on use by libcec v3
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      Fix searching for movies based on star ratings
      replace obsolescent usleep in favour of C++11 sleep_for
      Round star rating to nearest full star out of 10
      bump ABI after constructor changes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'stuart-knock/patch-1'
      add another header for msvc after d4c0f13aede582183aed7f13019c85846b7bfe4b
      Fix typo in table refactor in 36e946d74522045302ee2ab543fa15f5d5e7cdbc
      fix typo CDROM try -> tray
      add missing ampersand after e80371ba21f64ded9810d674bc3db3f04c31b3ec
      fix typo while here
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      swap FD_CLR and close around to make cppcheck happy
      help cppcheck with the integer types
      remove unused variable (pointed out by cppcheck)
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      initialize member variables in constructor
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      clarify assignment by a clear = instead |=
      clarify assignment by a clear = instead |=
      use explicit cast from uint8_t* to PSIPTable
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      unbreak unit test build after 54eb5fc02d302227095237af0c1dcb0c194a5e57
      Set MySQL session mode in Perl bindings
      OOP09-CPP. Ensure that single-argument constructors are marked "explicit"
      Replace short description "this is a filler"
      Update documentation of FileTransfer command
      Simple unused parameter fixes.
      Use parameters that were flagged as 'unused parameter' warnings.
      Fix unused parameter warning in UPNP serializers.

MIke Bibbings (1):
      Fix multiplex restriction determination in Live TV.

Mike Bibbings (1):
      VBOX: Add multi-record support to the vbox recorder

Mitch Capper (2):
      Added dvr services call for setting and getting bookmark position
      Added ChildID to VideoService VideoMetadataInfo

Nick Morrott (3):
      Updated British English MythFrontend, MythArchive and MythGallery
      Add initial Bulgarian translation files for MythArchive, MythGallery, MythGame and MythMusic
      Updated British English translation for MythNetVision

Nicolas Riendeau (1):
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv

Paul Harrison (33):
      mythzmserver: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared memory
      VBOX: bump the minimum firmware version to 2.50
      VBOX: don't ignore channels using T2/S2 if the tuner can handle them
      VBOX: fix the channel scanner always saying it found no channels
      MythZoneminder: remove the bogus default text from a few screens
      MythZoneminder: center the no events message in the frame image
      mythzmserver: try harder to find an analysis frame for an event
      mythwikiscripts: fix after the wiki switched to using https
      VBox: Relax the firmware version check to allow for VJ.x.xx versions
      MythMusic: increase the probe buffer size to 128K
      services: fix Channel/GetChannelInfoList always returning and error
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      MythZoneMinder: Remove a couple of no longer needed function declarations
      MythMusic: double the maximum size of the buffer used with DecodeAudio
      mythzmserver: attempt to fix compilation on Darwin after [11ad81e474]
      ServicesAPI: add the genre list to the output from Video/GetVideoList
      ServicesAPI: missed a last minute change in ab1c3e8668
      IPTV Tuner: fix recording/playing simultaneous RTSP streams
      MythArchive: update the initial seek amount text on the thumb image finder
      MythArchive: guard against an empty deleteMap in the thumb image finder
      ServicesAPI: remove a stray ; added to the genre query in ab1c3e8668
      ServicesAPI: allow for blank or empty parameter values in requests
      RemoteFile: Remove ambiguity of local versus class member variable name
      Silence a deb packaging warning remove garbage from the end of watched.png
      ServicesAPI: add new Video/UpdateVideoMetadata method
      mythmusic: fix the genius lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: add a LetsSingIt lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: fix the lyricswiki lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: add alsong lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: remove defunct lyrdb lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: add new Lyrics.Com lyrics grabber
      mythmusic: various tweaks to the lyrics grabbers
      ServicesAPI: add a couple of methods for Music

Peter Bennett (78):
      Fix intermittent pixelation caused by timeout waiting for input buffers
      Change OpenMAX Normal profile to allow 4 CPUs for decoding, to allow for fallback to ffmpeg.
      Fix CEC bugs and add raspberry pi support for CEC
      configure - fix so that build for raspberry pi does not need a bunch of overrides to get openmax enabled
      Prevent "VBox: Found possible VBox at Ceton InfiniTV Ethernet" and similar messages by changing them from Info to Debug level.
      Fixes "Could not open decoder" error playing a recording
      Improve OSD on Raspberry Pi.
      Fix bug where "OpenMax High Quality" profile was not added.
      Fix "always display subtitles" not activating subtitles in certain cases.
      Delete unused and untested class AudioDecoderOMX from OMX Audio output code.
      Fix Raspberry Pi digital audio AC-3 passthrough.
      Fix paint problem with QT dynamic button lists. This affected Steppes theme, maybe others.
      Fix OpenMAX hdmi audio 5.1 channel PCM crackling noise.
      Fix mythfilldatabase incorrectly populating airdate for TV series.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into mythtv-master
      Fix: OSD notifications remain on screen forever with OpenMAX and OpenGL.
      Fix: OSD notification flash on again after fading due to negative "time left" calculation.
      Fix for frontend control socket not working on openmax playback.
      Fix time stretch on Raspberry Pi.
      Fix scrolling at and of grid style button list.
      Fix Seg Fault due to OSD painter being deleted while image loader threads are still using it.
      Fix Seg fault in OSD due to notification being displayed using a painter that is no longer valid.
      Setup change to allow CETON users to set tuning timeout.
      Frontend and backend changes to support music choice.
      Fix Artifacts that appear on VDPAU setups in Live TV.
      Fix QT 5.6.1 seg fault in ~QNetworkConfiguration during exit from program.
      Fix small memory leak caused by commit 89bc8e7
      Change default theme to MythCenter and improve MythCenter.
      Add a new MythTV startup page.
      Change the new MythTV startup screen to handle UPNP locating of backend.
      Fix UPNP detection of backends to ignore link-local IPV6 addresses
      Fix source code indentation.
      Fix UPNP for selecting backend when there is a PIN set
      Minor fixes for MythTV Startup Page.
      Fix frontend failure when using QT painter with OpenGL video
      Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session.
      Add a SEARCH button to the MythTV Startup window
      Fix Bus Error in mythpreviewgen on Raspberry Pi
      Fix Doxygen Project Number Setting, was 0.28pre, chg to master.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into mythtv-master
      Support for IPV6 link-local addresses.
      Fix occasional segfault when canceling startup page.
      Support ipv6 link-local addresses for soap client.
      Fix for 3db436f "Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session." preventing OS X playback.
      Networking improvements
      Removed checks for QT_NO_IPV6.
      Add "Watch This Channel" to guide select menu when appropriate.
      Frontend reset socket connections after resuming from suspend
      Fix Channel editor missing setting
      Disable MythTV IPv6 use for systems that do not have IPv6 support.
      Fix backend setup when specific IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are used.
      Fix stream change handling in playback
      Add IPv6 UPNP support
      Fix for LCD device code hanging
      Fix refresh all in mythfilldatabase
      Fix for wrong theme version being downloaded
      Fix bug where CEC powered off TV after startup screen
      Fix incorrect Subnet check in WebSocket code.
      Fix incorrect Subnet check in WebSocket code.
      Fixes for MythUI settings
      Fix incorrect save prompt in General Setup
      Merge branch 'settings' into mythtv-master
      More Fixes for incorrect save prompt in General Setup
      Fix compile error with QT 5.3, QVector::removeAll
      Fixes for MythUI settings
      Fix Raspberry Pi hardware deinterlace
      Fixes #12586 - Jump Points not working when a MythNotification is displayed.
      Fix database WOL settings being lost if you connect via UPNP.
      Fixes #13059 - Flickering pause on Raspberry Pi.
      Refs #13046 - Eliminate extra page in capture card setup.
      Add mythtv/src (created during build) symlink to gitignore
      Fixes #12960 - Remote idle frontend wakes backend if WOL is set
      Refs #13046 - Fix channel scan overlapping controls.
      Fix bugs that occur when using a different video mode for playback.
      Refs #13046 - Fix transport editor segfault and implement adding a transport
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into mythtv-master
      Refs #13046 - Fix missing support for allow_single_step in spin boxes.
      Refs #13046 - Add missing terminal window to theme.

Petr Srsen (1):
      Updated Czech MythFrontend translation

Richard Hulme (21):
      Allow the backend to shut down if the frontend is in standby mode.
      Fix getting stuck in an infinite loop when undeleting a recording.
      Re-arrange directory structure of libmythbluray to match libbluray more closely ('asm' files move under 'contrib', libbluray files move to 'src').  This makes it a little easier to compare differences from libbluray.
      Update libudfread to match commit 64ac239e7aa741ad3e2e2d48eafd6e26fb202ee7 from https://git.videolan.org/git/libudfread.git
      Update libmythbluray to match commit 05c9fdececbff43561f8d8ca704e7e2203bdd5a8 from git://git.videolan.org/git/libbluray.git
      Write codec information to the 'codecpar' ffmpeg structure instead of 'codec' otherwise it gets cleared out in the call to update_stream_avctx() in avformat/utils.c and we lose things like MHEG streams that are not recognised by stock ffmpeg.
      Add new source file 'event_queue.c' to the project file.
      Fix compilation of libbluray on Win32
      Clear the 'updated' flag before redrawing MHEG objects to ensure that the display is not updated until redrawing has completed. This reduces flicker.
      When calculating the bounding box of MHEG text, use the font face's global ascender and descender sizes as defaults. These should ensure that every line of text uses the same values regardless of whether ascenders or descenders happen to occur in the text displayed.
      Handle Bluray errors better so that we (hopefully) don't get stuck in an endless loop.
      Improve handling of Bluray overlays (and add support for ARGB overlays).
      Add recognition of more Bluray events (no direct support, just logging at the moment).
      Try to find a .clpi file in the range 00000-00200 to generate a Bluray bookmark.
      Don't allow an inability to create a serial number to prevent playback of a Bluray disc.
      Lookup the audio and subtitle languages on Blu-ray discs by the stream ID instead of the index.  Sometimes there are fewer 'official' streams (i.e. streams with out-of-band metadata) than physical streams which then causes the wrong information to be shown and the wrong stream to be selected by default.
      Hide 'invalid' streams from the user.
      Add missing return in the unlikely case that AvFormatDecoderBD has no Blu-ray ringbuffer.
      Add more checks before trying to determine language of Blu-ray streams.
      Flatten Blu-Ray timecodes when switching from one clip to another to avoid pauses due to the player thinking there's a huge AV-sync issue.
      [BLURAY] Don't use the 'idx' field from m_currentTitleInfo for the current title as this is always set to zero if the title info was filled by a call to bd_get_playlist_info().

Robert Watson (1):
      Fix displaying of input connection display name on 'C' or 'Y'.  Video

Roger Siddons (29):
      Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings
      Gallery: Add European caption date formats
      Gallery: Change crumb separator
      Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers
      Gallery: Add status delay
      Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back
      Revert 20b621e5733 MediaMon: UI to select preferred media handler
      Gallery: Reset theme widgets correctly
      From 11d3185a118ff0e42e2b8ab3e6499b8d97ad3b07 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      From 7bfc97ed65809d0ecd8c7b0394f7fa12e50ea28f Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      Gallery: Don't show folder dates in caption
      Gallery: Preserve aspect of folder thumbnails
      Clean up timers on Watch Recordings exit
      Hide recordings from passworded recording groups
      Repair browser/prog details window for < Qt 5.6
      Fix crash when frontend can't find the database
      ServicesAPI: make the list of parameters available to methods
      Python: Fix bookmarkupdate error
      Fix Websocket leaking timer
      Fix QtWebkit guards
      Avoid static initialisation fiasco
      Add missing include upnptasknotify
      Always show LiveTV programmes in LiveTV recording group
      Prevent cutlist editor crash when extending marks
      Services: Fix exception messages
      Services: GetProgramList: Implement New listings
      Services: GetOldRecordedList
      Services: Add Channel Groups Add To/Remove From
      Services: Fix encoder name of recording

Rune Petersen (1):
      Fixes #11098 - Rework table section accounting to remove code duplication

Steven Liu (1):
      avformat/flvenc: fix ticket 5976 and use old commit

Stuart Auchterlonie (37):
      No need to check for qt3 anymore
      Set sonames and version details to version 29
      Set version to 29-Pre
      Set LIBVERSION for plugins too
      EIT: Refs #12548. Add several more multiplexes
      Update some urls for email list signup
      Move failure to connect to dbus screensaver services down to debug
      Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests
      Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2
      Revert "Refs #12784. Properly url encode channel icon search requests, part 2"
      Correctly identify Service Descriptor for UHD
      Add support for native logging to systemd-journal
      Some http -> https changes
      Ignore moc_predefs.h files
      Fix a number of -Wmisleading-indentation warnings found in the f24 build logs
      README update
      Install mythframe.h, should fix build failures for plugins
      Ignore .qmake.stash files
      Initialize variable in constructor. Found by cppcheck
      Log the delivery system type in the debug messages
      Log the section details for SDT tables
      [Qt5.8] Explicitly use a QChar in the comparison. Fixes a build failure
      [EIT] Additional Freesat mplexes to fix
      webfrontend: update Content Security Policy with latest changes.
      Remove a custom FFmpeg patch for bswap_dbl
      Unbreak unit tests on debian-testing and ubuntu-testing.
      Unbreak unit tests on debian-testing and ubuntu-testing, part 2
      Refs #13047 - major() and minor() are defined in <sys/sysmacros.h>
      Refs #13047 - Windows also has major() and minor() in <sys/types.h>
      Refs #13047 - fix check for OSX platforms
      Rework code to fix unused result warning
      Refs #13046 - Fix mythgallery calls to ShowOkPopup()
      Remove executable bits from source code files
      Refs #13031 - Reorganise the OpenGL includes a bit to fix build issues on arch on rpi
      Refs #13031 - No GL/gl.h on osx
      Fix a reordering warning from the build slaves
      Fixes #10364. Don't call normalized() as the result is ignored and it causes issues with theme display

Stuart Morgan (1):
      Fix backend status page

Xavier Hervy (8):
      MythUI: Add a spinbox dialog
      MythUIButtonList: Skip disabled buttons when moving around
      Settings: Add new settings classes using MythUI
      Settings: Port most of the frontend settings to MythUI
      MythArchive: Convert the settings to use MythUI
      MythGallery: Convert the settings to use MythUI
      MythGame: Partially convert the settings to use MythUI
      MythZoneMinder: Convert the settings to use MythUI

Yianni Vidalis (1):
      Updated Greek MythFrontend translation from

Zoltán Karcagi (1):
      Refs #12782 Fix segmentation fault in QMetaObject::indexOfClassInfo()

stuart-knock (1):
      Correction to commit: ff37862c27cc678ae201e55a5aad3af2ac3a66e3

warpme (1):
      Updated Polish translations



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