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Wed Oct 3 18:02:26 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, v0.26 has been created on the
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        at  031e58f9913770775da9086dd68e007617398468 (tag)
   tagging  623b95458c29e4812a8ae081fa8a667cb679a18b (commit)
  replaces  v0.26-pre
 tagged by  Stuart Morgan
        on  Wed Oct 3 19:02:03 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag the 0.26 release

Andres Mejia (4):
      Use spaces instead of tabs.
      Bump to Standards-Version 3.9.3.
      Support parallel builds.
      Update changelog.

Chris Petersen (7):
      Version bump, fix rpm vstring calculation
      version bump, change default enables
      finally compiles in f17.
      Updated rpm spec
      Fix logrotate, make compatible with latest master
      make compatible with choice of describe string
      rename i810 driver BR to intel

Christian Oltenburger (1):
      Fix wrong dependency to one of mythtv[php] or mythtv-bindings[php].

Dave Walker (Daviey) (40):
      * Incremeted to new upstream version to current trunk head.
      debian/control:  Added quilt as a build-depends, primarily
      * debian/control:
      Prevent the maintainer scripts from failing in case any questions
      * debian/rules:
      * debian/copyright:
      Set the debug package to Priority extra.
      Change *-perl Section's from libs to perl
      - add ${shlibs:Depends} for mythtv-common Depends field
      Ensure license files are not included in the binary packages, except
      Fixes the permissions of certain files in the packaging.
      Added holding debian/mythtv-frontend.config, mainly to appease lintian.
      debian/mythtv-frontend.menu: Changed section to Applications/Graphics.
      Minor spelling fix.
      Fixes the long description for one of the packages, ensuring the
      debian/mythtv-backend.postinst: Load debconf libraries.
      debian/source.lintian-overrides: Removes the unecessary override of the
      Fix perl binding installation.
      * debian/control:
      * debian/control:
      New snapshot (r23786), based from 0.23-fixes.
      - mythtv-frontend set to Conflict with mythflix, as it's dropped
      Updated svn snapshot to latest upstream and rm'd mythtv-backend.templates from debian/po/POTFILES.in
      Now, with the proper svn co number
      * New upstream snapshot (r23815)
      mythtv-backend.logrotate: Rotate mirobridgelog file
      debian/control: Added Build-Depends of libudev-dev.
      * New upstream snapshot (r23820)
      Comment to debian/patches/40_libudev.patch added
      * New upstream snapshot (r23820)
      Now with linux-libc-dev really in debian/control
      debian/changelog: Fixed old entry that had a non-valid email address
      * New upstream snapshot (23858)
      debian/mcc-mirobridge/*: New icon, UI alignment changes and description
      * New upstream snapshot (r23952)
      debian/rules: Added cxx option "-maltivec" to PowerPC specifc configure
      Bumping upstream revision, releasing to Lucid
      * New upstream snapshot (r24133)
      * New upstream snapshot (r24158)
      Released to Lucid

Gerald Barker (1):
      Copy internetcontent to /usr/share/mythtv on backend install

Jean-Yves Avenard (6):
      Updated README and add patches for building Qt 4.8.1
      Fix loading of Sql drivers
      Change default compiler to clang/clang++
      Remove old build script.
      Add libx264 dependecy
      Use MySQL 5.5

John (3):
      config.xml test
      Fixes missing config.xml issue
      Fixed simlinking config.xml issue

John Baab (4):
      Fixed missing log folder for frontend only install (LP: #642992)
      Fixed missing log folder for frontend only install (LP: #642992)
      * Fixed issue where an existing mythweb apache config would be
      Added LP bug numbers.

Lawrence Rust (1):
      Resync mythbuild.sh from source

Marc Randolph (2):
      * New upstream snapshot (r23872)
      * New upstream snapshot (r23872)

Mario Limonciello (877):
      migrate from old branch
      remove un-necessary patch
      adjust recommends for ubuntu-mythtv-frontend
      initial schedules direct support
      remove dts patch
      bump upstream version number
      remove extra tee
      update section
      change rule for grabbing tagged releases
      don't rm -rf $(CURDIR)
      releasing 0.20.2
      add schedules direct patch that includes 14307, 14234, 14348.
      fix mythstream support
      make dapper backport more manageable
      dont make update notifier a dependency
      add firewire,pulseaudio,edit_display patches.  Update behavior of
      mark joel ebel on startmythtv.sh changes
      minor bug fixes for upcoming release
      merge laga's changes
      bug 144701
      bug 146328
      release 0.20.2-0ubuntu8
      recompile with --profile instead, and different tuning options too
      pull in translations from rosetta
      add patches from old commit.  oops :)
      fix broken changelog
      fix still broken changelog
      add xinerama fix back in (where'd it go?)
      fix changelog, again.
      merge laga's fix for bug 130925
      update gnome screensaver patch to add xscreensaver support back in.
      change gnomescreensaver or xscreensaver support
      clean up suggests/recommends per discussion at UDS
      add pvr350 ivtv patch (LP: #158562)
      link to bug number
      clean up patches and release +fixes14789
      release svn 15096
      add LSB support and more mysql.txt prevention
      release 15096-0ubuntu2
      bump default starting run level
      add utf-8 support to upnp server
      upnp fixes
      new checkout and minor bug fixes
      add comments to patches
      fix gdm lintian warning
      rebuild against newer kdelibs
      start new trunk branch that is a proper child of -fixes
      drop unnecessary patches
      drop already included pulseaudio patch
      drop 29_perl_bindings and 31_pvr350_ivtv
      change tune/arch behvaior
      force new soname on libraries
      checkout the latest version
      change libmyth-perl to be arch all rather than any
      install libmyth-perl files to the right area and correct libmyth-0.21-0 rather than libmyth-0.21
      drop 14_newlibraries
      depend on ttf-liberation
      fix 2 things causing ftbfs
      merge with trunk branch to form new release-0-21-fixes branch
      add new sql file, and drop warnings
      fix performance issues by retuning to i686
      add faad faac to build
      faad or faad2 (to allow gutsy builds)
      drop alsa default patch, its upstream now
      clean up 09_perl_bindings
      new upstream checkout
      new upstream checkout, and hopefully we get our MMX back :)
      make sure frontend gets a log directory too
      fix bug 196553
      change some more build options
      override raw1394 permissions
      add /var/log/mythtv to frontend postinst
      add myth_prime
      fix chmod
      bug #198314
      add network manager script to change starting behavior
      mythtv-database improvments, mythtv-setup.sh improvements and network manager relaunch script
      release 0.21
      add fix for mythtv#4897 and release
      add chrome support in
      move all build depends to their own lines
      turn off libfaad-bin to fix faad bugs
      pull upnp fixes from release-0-21-fixes
      add firewire tester
      update changelog and release new version
      fix bug 202708
      add changelog for bzr #78
      add majoridiot's latest mythprime binary in, and release
      update mythprime to 0.55
      dont start gnome screensaver in ubuntu-mythtv-frontend
      okay fine, umf can live, but it can't have gnome-screensaver
      add bug number for shutdown FFe
      update the pre-shipped mythconverg db
      properly update sql
      check for session-settings before sourcing it, bug #220681
      guard directories on mythtv-datbase removal
      fix build dependency problems breaking ppc
      fix pvr-350 tv out, bug #236498
      update 07_glx-procaddressARB-configure
      release 17416 into intrepid
      build depend on no long obsolete packages
      dont' start mythfrontend too many times
      commit changelog from last two changes
      add coreavc stuff
      fix a few ftbfs
      merge michael's 25_skiploop_option
      update 25_skiploop patch
      modify debian/control from behavior from nonmaintainer who uploaded the package
      don't crash on init script initialization
      release to intrepid. we'll do more follow up fixes soon, this is just to get a5 out the door
      add dustin's status patch
      add patch to correct mythfrontend.sh launching arguments lp: #212604
      add changelog entry for laga's fix
      add patch to correct inconsistent text, lp: #242000
      merge dustin's fix for root password handling
      clean up mythtv-database postinst.  lots of unnecessary and annoying calls.  remove that hacky perl-mysql stuff.
      clean up changelog entry
      remove old checks in mythtv-common.config and move a 'question' about your current password into it
      clean up mythtv-common.postinst
      read mysql.txt from mythtv-database.config first before checking debconf
      re-arrange mythtv-database.postinst to move things into their own functions
      update changelog
      release to jaunty
      add changeset 19245 to 30_2.6.28_support.dpatch to fix a FTBFS when working against 2.6.28
      drop ubuntu-mythtv-frontend
      drop additional files that were only referenced by ubuntu-mythtv-frontend
      drop another reference to umf
      drop old sql file
      drop old mythsql script
      drop old mythtv-backend.NEWS file
      drop README.Debian
      clean up rules a little bit
      clean up rules a little bit
      merge with -fixes improvements branch
      release into jaunty
      mythtv-common.config: be sure to show password in config not just 'value set'
      * debian/mythtv-database.postinst:
      * debian/mythtv-database.config:
      add changelog entries from last few commits
      don't store shell scripts as executable in bzr, only handle in build
      remove .orig file from 24_fix_h264_frame_counting.dpatch
      clean up files that upstream makefile keeps missing, lp: #311552
      don't fail mythtv-backend postinst if we are mounted on nfs
      don't restart mythbackend on dist upgrades
      only create a user if it doesn't already exist
      release into jaunty
      unrelease version number should be lower than 0.22
      drop 14_fix_video_fallback as it was marked invalid upstream
      bump changelog entry to prevent FTBFS
      enable vdpau on i386 and amd64
      set pre-depends for pwgen rather than normal depends
      re-upload last upload due to broken merge
      merge -fixes changes from the last few uploads into trunk branch
      merge from mario-database fix for clearing mysql password at the end of mythtv-database.postinst
      merge with -fixes branch, we're not merging these changes back into -fixes until they're adjusted to not hurt backports though.
      merge with fixes branch
      merge steve langasek's patch
      drop x264 support and release *ubuntu6
      update starting revision
      debian/rules: drop libx264 support
      update bzr ignore to ign version.sh
      replace any files in mythcontrols
      re-add in removed .bzrignore
      merge with Keybuk's udev branch and the jaunty branch.  When this happens, we are adding in a check to debian/rules to check if we build on intrepid or hardy to make sure we don't break them
      don't fail if the udev check fails
      Check whether $USER_HOME exists in mythtv-backend init
      Update branch to release-0-21-fixes rev #19961.  Pulls in
      release into jaunty
      merge with -fixes branch updates
      merge with -fixes
      fix changelog bump
      Don't display an update-notifier message about failing to reconfigure
      * debian/rules:
      merge with -fixes
      fix FTBFS from config.xml moving
      merge in last fix from -fixes regarding init script
      do a python 2.6 transition
      add lsb-release to depends
      make 30_python26_transition.dpatch only apply on jaunty and later
      release into jaunty
      merge with -fixes
      drop all references to creating v4l devices
      fix the exit code in the init script again
      release into jaunty
      merge with -fixes
      add a build-conflicts with libqt3-mt-dev
      fix 30_python26_transition for trunk changes
      add conflicts/replaces on mythcontrols
      add a build-depends on libpulse-dev so that the pulseaudio disabling code in myth can work
      incremement changelog from previous change on pulseaudio
      merge with -fixes
      drop faac support, incompatible license per janneg
      add yasm to build depends for better optimized h264
      drop extraneous CFLAGS from debian/rules that were causing a FTBFS for i386
      add runtime cpu detection (top secret option)
      * New upstream -fixes snapshot (21261)
      * debian/rules:
      LCDproc compatibility. (LP: #392362)
      * debian/mythtv-backend.init:
      release into karmic
      merge with -fixes packaging
      pull from the right branch when building orig.tar.gz
      release trunk snapshot 21328 into karmic
      * mythtv_0.21.0.sql:
      * rules:
      - Update SOURCE_VERSION in version.sh as it's not in version.pro
      actually fix the svn version rule
      set all perl scripts executable, not just just the backup one
      release into karmic
      * debian/control:
      update to new upstream checkout
      release into karmic
      fix version number and really push to karmic
      * debian/mythtv-database.postinst:
      release into karmic
      * debian/mythtv-database.postinst:
      release into karmic
      * New upstream checkout (21742)
      release into karmic
      * debian/control:
      allow a mythstream 0.22 in case we get one
      * debian/mythtv-backened.postinst, debian/mythtv-backend.dirs:
      Create Coverart, Fanart, Screenshots, and Banners directories so jamu
      create all the other extra directories referenced in the last commit
      release into karmic
      * debian/mythtv-backend.postinst:
      add changelog entry for last commit
      * debian/mythtv-common.postinst:
      New upstream checkout (r21785)
      release into karmic
      * debian/control:
      release into karmic
      * debian/mythtv.desktop:
      * debian/mythtv-frontend.files:
      update checkout number
      * debian/mythtv_0.22.sql:
      release into karmic
      new upstream checkout
      Try to guard and make sure that ~mythtv is read from /etc/passwd
      release into karmic
      new upstream checkout
      release into karmic
      * New upstream checkout (r22242)
      * mythtv_0.22.0.sql:
      release into karmic
      * New upstream checkout (r22287)
      Disables pulseaudio harder, fixing sound playback when it's installed.
      new upstream checkout
      * debian/mythtv_0.22.0.sql:
      * debian/patches/10_mythfilldatabase_log.dpatch:
      * debian/patches:
      release into karmic
      actually VCD's can't be played via Internal, set that one back to mplayer
      really release into karmic now
      found a problem with last upload, unrelease it again. oops
      Set default theme to Mythbuntu rather than Mythbuntu-9.10 since upstream
      * debian/mythtv-database.{postinst,config}:
      Drop broken logic for trying to detect when slow writes are needed.
      okay, release into karmic once more
      * New upstream checkout (r22323)
      * debian/mythtv-setup.desktop:
      release into karmic
      unrelease again.  we need to fix some symlinks first
      Set up some symlinks for the dejavu fonts so they aren't installed several
      * debian/rules:
      merge with ~davewalker/mythtv/mythtv-trunk-022 for upstart support with a few minor changes to try to prevent breaking earlier releases
      Simplify upstart script a bit.
      add back in legacy init script so that we can have support on < karmic too
      drop logic for firewire from old init script
      remove reference to extra args in init script
      Drop old logic for checking that ~mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt exists, and move
      simplify upstart script even more
      move the mythbackend call and sourcing of /etc/default/mythtv-backend into the same stanza
      * Ship a mythbuntu crashdb for apport to catch crashes and submit against the
      Add hardware and mythtv directory permissions to the apport report
      new upstream checkout
      release into karmic
      * debian/control:
      Add a bug_pattern_base to the mythbuntu crashdb.
      Fix mythbuntu crashdb to refer to project not product.
      Simplify the apport hook so that we can catch on any set of non
      * debian/rules:
      move from right directory
      try #2 to fix rule for .default file
      New upstream snapshot (r22413)
      release into karmic
      Legacy init script needs different arguments.  Only affects
      merge with trunk again
      * Upstream 0.22 rc1 snapshot.
      release into karmic
      * debian/mythtv-backend.upstart:
      * debian/dialog.sh:
      * debian/source_mythtv.py:
      * New upstream snapshot.
      * debian/patches/31_vdpau_profiles.dpatch:
      make debian/rules default to pulling 'fixes' type
      set the branch url to fixes too
      release into karmic
      whoops, set greater to true
      Install mythconverg_backup and mythconverg_restore scripts
      * debian/control:
      * Update to 0.22 release (r22772).
      Build depends on open source libvdpau optionally.
      make libvdpau-dev only used on i386 and amd64 for now
      Generate a -dbg package so that builds from a PPA can actually
      merge with -fixes
      Build depends on libxvidcore-dev | libxvidcore4-dev for libxvidcore
      merge with -fixes
      Update to a snapshot post 0.22 release (r22899).
      release into lucid
      * debian/control:
      - Replaces on mythtv-frontend
      - Rename libmyth-perl to libmythtv-perl per debian request. (LP: #XXXXX)
      Update to a new snapshot. (r22957) (LP: #493405)
      Set all perl and python scripts executable (LP: #482585)
      fix the perl/python scripts in the right place
      releasing version 0.22.0+fixes22957-0ubuntu1
      merge with -fixes
      * debian/control:
      merge with -fixes
      * debian/patches/09_perl:
      merge with -fixes
      * debian/control:
      * debian/control:
      * debian/source_mythtv.py:
      merge with fixes
      * debian/mythtv-common.links:
      update to r23193
      * debian/rules:
      releasing version 0.22.0+fixes23193-0ubuntu1
      merge with -fixes
      Bump builds to start with 0.23
      debian/control: Fix vcs-bzr
      * debian/mythtv-database.postinst:
      Introduces stable pulseaudio support (In Theory! :)) (LP: #311328)
      Print message to stdout for MythTV.pm (LP: #327406)
      * debian/control:
      * debian/control:
      * debian/patches:
      * Allow shutdowns when mythtv is running (LP: #174712)
      Mythbackend now supports the --user flag to drop permissions from
      Use the upstart script from the upstream contrib directory instead.
      Don't keep upstart script in debian/ since we use the one in the upstream contrib/ directory now
      Update 30_python26_transition for changes upstream.
      * mythtv-database.templates:
      Switch to use the upstream backup scripts. (LP: #469792)
      add bug number from fonts that got fixed a few revisions back
      Helps with HDTV stuttering. (LP: #451394)
      merge with trunk
      Drop old debian/myth-*.sh scripts since we now use dbus for shutdown
      * Drop old debian/mythtv-backend.default.  It's just available for upgrades.
      Rewrite get-orig-source rules to parse the changelog for version info.
      Drop any of the Top Secret Options build flags
      put all xml files in mythtv-common rather than frontend or backend specifically
      replaces for earlier mythtv-frontend or backend versions for xml file changes
      update some references that are still referring to init scripts to use the upstart job
      dont run debconf-updatepo on EVERY clean
      remove extraneous escape of par.
      Changelog for previous entry
      Release into lucid
      merge with -fixes
      mark libmyth-0.23-0 as replacing libmyth-0.22-0
      Include a custom snippet for debian/rules mythtv packages in libmyth-dev.
      get rid of the epoch in the version number
      add a new rule to query the newest revision
      - Drop quilt build-dep, it appears to be included w/ dh7
      Drop old, unused templates from debian/templates.
      don't run our rules with ---with-quilt.  Not needed
      don't replaces libmyth-0-22 anymore
      releasing version 0.23.0~trunk23567-0ubuntu1
      * debian/mythtv-backend.preinst:
      * debian/mythtv-database.templates:
      * debian/mythtv_0.23.0.sql:
      Set default security pin so UPNP will work OOTB.
      releasing version 0.23.0~trunk23567-0ubuntu2
      Rebuild for pulseaudio problems caused from an earlier libpulse-dev
      * debian/mythtv-setup.sh:
      releasing version 0.23.0~trunk23567-0ubuntu3
      * debian/control:
      Restore Build-depends on libfftw3-dev (not really a top secret option)
      Merge with debian git tree
      forgot extra header
      * debian/source_mythtv.py:
      backport fix'ed source_mythtv.py from trunk
      * debian/patches/36_setgroups_too:
      releasing version 0.23.0~trunk23567-0ubuntu4
      drop README.source, it's not really needed for v3 packages
      * debian/patches/36_setgroups_too:
      * debian/rules:
      * debian/control:
      * New checkout (r23623).
      releasing version 0.23.0~trunk23623-0ubuntu1
      * mythtv-{common,backend}.{config,templates,postinst}: (LP: #483748)
      * Fix FTBFS on armel (LP: #537714)
      merge trunk into fixes to prepare for 0.23 release
      releasing version 0.23.0~fixes23789-0ubuntu1
      Set version to include a "+" delimitter.
      Restore libfaad-dev dependency. (LP: #546552)
      merge with -fixes
      releasing version 0.23.0+fixes23789-0ubuntu1
      * debian/rules:
      releasing version 0.23.0+fixes23789-0ubuntu2
      releasing version 0.23.0+fixes23820-0ubuntu1
      Drop 36_setgroups.  Been merged upstream.
      merge with fixes
      * 40_libudev.path:
      update notes in patch
      Actually disable halt and reboot commands by default.
      * debian/patches/proper_shutdown_behavior_for_ubuntu.patch:
      releasing version 0.23.0+fixes24158-0ubuntu2
      Add upstart script into the packaging.  It's been dropped upstream.
      Merge with -fixes
      Bump version to 0.24 trunk r24856
      * Refresh patches due to upstream changes:
      drop mythtv-backend.upstart from debian/clean
      drop mythtv-backend.upstart from debian/clean
      new upstream checkout (25138)
      releasing version 0.23.0+fixes25138-0ubuntu1
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r25146
      Copy 'internetcontent' scripts to /usr/share/mythtv/ as part of
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r25161
      drop 41_detect_dbus.  it's been merged upstream
      Drop 40_libudev.  Merged upstream.
      refresh patches
      fix qt webkit package name again since debian decided to change it
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r25535
      proper shutdown behavior for ubuntu.
      debian/rules: cleanup deprecated configure options.
      Install mythpreviewgen into mythtv-frontend (LP: #616083)
      install in the backend package not frontend
      Add qt47_support.patch to fix FTBFS on Maverick.
      * Update checkout to r25842
      Reverse build depends for libjack to fix virtual packages problems.
      * Moved backup and restore scripts to mythtv-common from mythtv-database
      Source debconf stuff in all scenarios for mythtv-common postinst.
      Remove faad support, no longer listed in configure, fixes FTBFS.
      Add configure_missing_check.patch to fix FTBFS on Maverick.
      Only apply qt47_support.patch and missing_check.patch on Maverick
      releasing version 0.23.1+fixes25842-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      remove upstart config that was lost with merge
      ignore locales directory
      bump to 25842
      ignore new external directory in bzr
      update 10.10 only patches for trunk
      Rebuild without accidentally added patch
      update bzrignore for changes in trunk
      refresh python 2.6 patch
      refresh patches for changes in trunk
      Simplify the upstart script.
      merge with fixes
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r26032
      * Reduce zealousness in files cleaned in clean rule.
      mark the version to replace as one higher to try to cover fallout
      refresh default directories patch again due to changes in moving mythvideo declarations out
      releasing version 0.23.1+fixes26057-0ubuntu1
      * New snapshot, 26192.
      New snapshot, 26231.
      Refresh qt47_support.patch for changes in upstream.
      Refresh fuzzy patches.
      update baseline to 23238
      refresh qt47_support for changes upstream
      bump snapshot version
      refresh qt47_support for changes upstream
      update qt47_support for some stuff that was merged upstream
      Drop qt47_support.patch, newer, bigger, better version upstream.
      Drop configure_missing_check, iz now upstream too.
      drop qt47_support.patch
      update series file
      Add depends on python-mysqldb
      update to 26437
      releasing version 0.23.1+fixes26437-0ubuntu1
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r26756
      make sure that all python related items are getting installed
      * Add a --list-missing option to make sure that all packaged files
      * Bump version to 0.24 trunk r26811
      Remove dummy libmyth-perl package.
      Modify ubuntu shutdown behavior patch to only use dbus if commands fail.
      add upstream URL
      Update shutdown patch for upstream recommendations.
      merge trunk branch to fixes for 0.24 preparation
      fix 0.23->0.24 depend on libmyth-dev
      move libmyth to 0.25 for trunk
      Add new Tieresias fonts to mythtv-common.
      first go at merging into a large package
      resync with the mythtv-fixes bzr branch
      merge changes from plugins packaging the last couple of weeks
      Conflicts/Replaces on old libmyth package (LP: #665402)
      merge with fixes
      merge with fixes again
      exclude tiresias gpl license from install
      bump to a fixes checkout
      modify the configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch to actually modify mythconfig.mak and disable the python mythnetvision check instead of hackery in debian/rules
      update the proper locations to install from for binary packages
      fix the rules to call make distclean while cleaning up
      fix docs install
      merge in the myththemes source package (from fixes branch)
      fold all default directories and paths patches into a single patch
      add additional paths to be cleaned up after calling make distclean
      hide quilt patches in bzrignore too
      hardcode in the two .pro files where to find dependencies rather than changing the entire libdir.  entire libdir was causing unexpected side effects
      merge monsTer
      merge monsTer
      merge with -fixes
      merge with -trunk
      Add a new get-svn-source rule to use with mythbuntu-weekly-build.
      don't add to strings, reset them
      merge with -fixes
      fix ftbfs caused r26942 being backported to 0.24
      bump build number up
      In the update-control-files rule, update the ABI as well.
      merge with fixes
      add an epoch, unfortunately myththemes needed one, and now that it's part of this package - it's needed here
      merge with fixes
      for autobuilds, make sure to always create an ABI file in debian/
      merge with fixes
      Conflicts/Replaces for no longer used mythplugins-dbg package.
      merge with fixes
      if we don't yet know the abi when calling the control file update, use SVN_MAJOR_RELEASE
      merge with fixes
      Drop mythvideo readme file.
      Drop references to mythplugins-dbg in the apport rules.
      merge with fixes
      Fix the installation of mythmusic. (LP: #672045)
      merge with fixes
      Create a mysql.txt symlink from mythtv-setup as well.
      merge with fixes
      update to 27162
      releasing version 1:0.24.0+fixes27162-0ubuntu1
      Modify the upstart script to load the LANG first. (LP: #541042)
      merge with fixes
      Modify configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch to remove
      Remove unused package, mythmovies from build process.
      Clean up the dependencies of a few packages, and harden them to the binary
      merge with fixes
      refresh the logic that's patched in mythplugins/configure
      merge with fixes
      Disable XvMC as it's causing crashes.  VDPAU is better off in these situations
      Remove sparc support.
      merge with fixes
      Make sure mysql is pingable before trying to start the backend (LP: #609402)
      merge with fixes
      * Fixup some linitians:
      merge with fixes
      fix missing comma
      merge with fixes
      * New 0.24 checkout (27235)
      merge with fixes
      Add a new debian/rules rule called 'update-upstream-changelog'.
      fix directories showing up in changelog entries
      Add a debian/README.Debian for explaining how to work with the package.
      merge with fixes
      In the update-upstream-changelog rule, search for the word mythbuntu
      merge with fixes
      Get rid of the newest-revision rule in favor of one that will actually
      Add a new helper script debian/do-new-release.sh that will run all of
      merge with fixes
      new checkout, r27305
      also run dch for the automated uploader
      releasing version 1:0.24.0+fixes27305-0ubuntu1
      don't use ABI, but SVN_MAJOR_RELEASE instead
      merge with fixes
      mention in the changelog what upload we are diffing from
      merge with fixes
      Modify the get-orig-source rule to use launchpadlib to try to fetch the file
      merge with fixes
      Stop on runlevels [016] rather than on the start of shutdown job. (LP: #542627)
      merge with fixes
      Move packaging to git based commands.
      If no themes are included, don't make bad theme stubs in debian/control.
      Update control files.
      Add an epoch because of the changing fixes->fixes and trunk->master to allow
      merge with fixes
      fix up  git checkout rule to use the right branch names all the time
      merge with fixes
      go a git fetch before checkout in case switching branchs
      merge with fixes
      include myththemes in the checkout
      update control files
      record the git hash and branch from dpkg-parsechangelog
      merge with fixes
      fix the date rule when dealing with master
      modify get-git-source to better handle being scripted when starting from a blank changelog
      Merge with fixes
      In ppa git checker helper, if no hash returned, don't error up.
      make the tarball building only via a separate rule (as necessary)
      merge with fixes
      If running on a master build, have the update-control-files rule recommends
      update bzrignore for gitignore file
      merge with fixes
      update control files for current status of upstream git
      Update standards version.
      Force pic support on as much of the build as possible. (LP: #684941)
      Move mythweb's set -e into the script invokation to quiet lintian.
      Demote libmythtv-perl depends to recommends on mythtv-backend.
      Add python dependency to mythtv-common.
      Don't run the permissions fix up on python files smaller than 1 block.
      Fixup the extra docs cleanup for mythweb.
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20101207.d3d2640-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      in the git building rule, make sure to include the proper phrases
      merge with fixes
      configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch: refresh.
      configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch: refresh.
      Install mythffmpeg and mythffplay in mythtv-common.
      reverse the rule for do-new-release.sh
      New upstream checkout (1405782)
      include a data directory to fix mythweb postinst breaking.
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20101214.1405782-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch: refresh.
      backport from master the install rule for ffmplay
      configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch: refresh.
      Add a new php-mythtv package for the newly developed php bindings.
      configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed: refresh
      try to fix php bindings again
      While grabbing git source, capture the details of 'git describe'
      merge with fixes
      Don't include .gitignore files in the mythweb package.
      Add a depends on php-mythtv for mythweb.
      Correct php bindings install path (LP: #696724)
      ignore README
      don't fail if gitignore fails
      * debian/control:
      drop from control.in too
      merge with fixes
      refresh patches for changes upstream
      add build depends on libcdio-dev for new UDF support.
      Install mythmessage rather than mythtvosd
      Add a depends on python-lxml (LP: #710709)
      merge with fixes
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110207.6dd5e4b-0ubuntu1
      * New upstream checkout (6318d52)
      Automatically restart the frontend if it crashes.  Also notify the user
      using libnotify. (LP: #692697)
      merge with fixes
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110208.6318d52-0ubuntu1
      Drop opengl vsync support.
      update to newer checkout
      Drop proper shutdown behavior for ubuntu patch.  Applied upstream.
      Re-enable V4L support by rebuilding against newer libc-dev (LP: #717717)
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110214.ad3c81f-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      merge with lp
      Drop the disable XvMC flags.  No longer necessary.
      * debian/mythtv.make:
      merge with fixes
      Install the new hardware profile stuff in the common package.
      Set a GIT_BRANCH_FALLBACK in case GIT_BRANCH only exists on a particular
      merge with fixes
      Update default SQL file to the current 0.24 schema.
      update bzrignore
      merge with fixes
      Add a patch to allow mythbackend to run without tuners defined, fixing
      merge with fixes
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110302.0d3d3a4-0ubuntu2
      merge with fixes
      * Refresh patches for changes upstream:
      * debian/rules:
      merge with fixes
      * debian/control:
      merge with fixes
      refresh configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch
      Install new HTML configuration content with mythbackend.
      fix html directory
      * Don't restart the frontend on exit code 254 (which is representative of
      * New upstream checkout (c2baf1b)
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110322.c2baf1b-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      Install new backend configuration content with mythbackend.
      refresh patches for changes in master
      new upstream checkout
      refresh patch
      Add a patch to enable V4L2 on 2.6.38.  Thanks mlarsen.
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110410.2a9d9f5-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes, refresh mythtv_v4l2_fix.patch against master checkout
      merge in jani's fix for armel
      merge w/ fixes
      * debian/mythtv.make:
      merge with fixes
      fix openglvsync debian/rules
      * debian/control.in:
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110410.2a9d9f5-0ubuntu3
      merge with fixes
      Disable jamu and mirobridge bindings as they're current broke with
      * New upstream checkout (9ba3ece)
      merge with fixes
      Add build-deps on python-urlgrabber.
      drop v4l2 fix patch, no longer necessary - fixed in master
      * debian/mythtv.make:
      merge with fixes
      Don't destroy VERSION in between runs, make sure to restore it to what
      merge with fixes
      fixup changelog entires to be version rather than Version
      Install mythmediaserver into mythtv-common
      actually install mythmediaserver in frontend
      Drop mythvideo package.  Fully integrated into frontend package now.
      Drop references to mythvideo from debian/control.
      fix a missing comma in control files causing FTBFS
      Move Jamu into backend (no longer tied to mythvideo). (LP: #797003)
      Fix mythvideo to be breaks/replaces. (LP: #797327)
      update bzr ignore
      refresh patches to prevent FTBS
      install mythmetadatalookup in mythtv-common
      Install the icon from http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Logo (LP: #458686)
      new checkout
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110706.b491236-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      allow mythtv.png in v3 source package
      merge with fixes
      refresh patches for changes upstream
      Remove jamu and all references to it.  Now built into myth.
      install mythccextractor to mythtv-common
      refresh patches for changes upstream
      Convert to using a rsyslog mechanism for log files.  Thanks Michael
      Change compile type to profile per discussion in #mythtv again.
      merge with fixes
      Add missing space to debian/rules preventing some plugin installation.
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110908.1de0431-0ubuntu1
      Make /var/log/mythtv writable by the syslog user.
      Install rsyslog conf as 40-mythtv-rsyslog.conf instead of just
      install mythutil to mythtv-common
      Build with vaapi support.
      * debian/rules:
      merge with fixes
      Build with --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libfaac
      enable nonfree
      merge updated fonts from pitti
      merge with fixes
      b-d on libx264-dev
      fix control file to actually b-d on libx264-dev
      Build with --enable-libvpx support for VP8 video.
      Enable crystal HD support.
      merge with fixes
      add bug number
      Create a new "Streaming" storage group by default on the backend.
      Exclude all vcs's when building a tarball.
      releasing version 2:0.24.0+fixes.20111207.40f3bae-0ubuntu1
      merge with fixes
      Fix bad quote escaping on mythtv-database postinst.  (LP: #829066)
      merge with fixes
      Use gnome-session-quit if gnome-session-save isn't found.  (LP: #908315)
      * Don't start mythtv-backend if it wasn't already running unless the user wants
      merge with fixes
      BD & Depends on libjson-perl. (LP: #911864)
      merge with fixes
      refresh patches to remove fuzz
      Build depends on avahi for airtunes/airplay support.
      refresh default_directories patch for changes in mythmusic
      Build depends on libssl for crypto support in airtunes.
      metallurgy theme is gone from myththemes for 0.25, make sure it gets removed
      refresh patches for changes in master
      merge with master
      Update to pre-0.25 snapshot, post feature freeze.
      * Update to pre-0.25 snapshot, post upstream feature freeze.
      Build depends on libcdio-cdda-dev for mythmusic.
      add a patch to set the ABI to 0.25 until upstream sets it
      rename sql file to 0.25
      update to 0.25 abi
      Update standards version.
      Add misc:depends for php-mythtv.
      Fix stronger-dependency-implies-weaker lintian error.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120213.b4c909a-0ubuntu1
      add a fix that was uploaded to precise outside of VCS
      merge with fixes
      * debian/control.in:
      Drop 0.25_abi patch, upstream now.
      Drop mythnetvision libmyth-python dependency.  It's already a dependency
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120214.ab4a02f-0ubuntu1
      Fix armhf FTBFS.
      Conflicts/Replaces on libmyth-0.24-0 for now until a better place for
      Let the configuration refer to the correct location for mythweb.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120214.f853a5b-0ubuntu1
      mythtv-common breaks/replaces on mythvideo.
      * Fix rsyslog logging permissions.
      * Create rsyslog directory only in mythtv-common package.
      Drop special mythtv-frontend and mythwelcome logging functionality
      Log mythtv-setup using local7 too.
      Don't include cache and tv_icons directories for mythweb.  They'll be
      * debian/rules:
      fix ftbfs on amd64
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120216.769dfae-0ubuntu1
      Reset permissions on all logs in /var/log/mythtv to ensure
      Fix mythtv-setup logging to be local7 not local 7.
      * debian/control.in:
      B-d on libxml2-dev to enable libxml2 support.
      Enable opengl ES2 on releases that support it.  Should be maverick+.
      B-d on libass-dev to enable libass subtitle support.
      B-d on libxvidcore-dev to enable external xvid codec support.
      missing commas are silly.
      clean up changelog
      fix xvid call out in debian/rules
      don't enable gles2, no QT support still
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120223.532cee8-0ubuntu1
      * Drop mythtv-themes metapackage and childish theme.  Should be installed
      update bzrignore file
      Update configure without install patch.
      Tweak default max_connections for mysql to be 100 per requests from
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120305.6519666-0ubuntu1
      refresh configure mythtv without mythplugins installed patch for changes upstream
      merge with master
      Remove references to mythmessage.
      Fix permissions on all existing log files on upgrade.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120316.53761e2-0ubuntu1
      refresh default_directories patch for changes upstream.
      Capture all logs from /var/log/mythtv for apport reports.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120329.c85fc55-0ubuntu1
      * Remove extra reference to libmysqlclient-16-dev.
      update package names
      Drop dependency on ttf-freefont.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0~master.20120406.041ecad-0ubuntu1
      merge with master for 0.25 release
      Add a fallback to master for non-existant fixes branches.
      * Update to 0.25 gold release.
      releasing version 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120410.1f5962a-0ubuntu1
      merge w/ fixes
      Switch to 0.26 branch for master builds.
      fix get-orig-source rule's broken tarball fetch from archive.
      merge with fixes
      catch errors when no packages yet published to a PPA
      merge with fixes
      Enable libcec support (LP: #982272)
      Add missingok to additional mythtv-backend logs. (LP: #982162)
      merge with fixes
      * Pull an updated snapshot of Mythbuntu theme, to avoid theme
      merge with fixes
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ubuntu-master
      move debian into the deb/ subfolder
      Update deb packaging to not build off bzr, but instead local debian/ directory
      Update deb packaging to reference right VCS location
      Don't fail if patches don't clean up, newer dpkg-source says ok
      fix description-synopsis-starts-with-article
      Fix lintian error maintainer-script-ignores-errors
      Add build dependency for uuid-dev.
      Add a workaround for FTBFS w/ linking when using binutils 2.21
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:packaging
      Drop all non-free stuff.  After master's ffmpeg sync, HLS support is sufficient with just libx264
      refresh included debian/control
      actually leave mp3lame there for mythmusic
      deb: Pass INSTALL_ROOT during the build process of mythtv as well so that it gets applied to the zeromq ./configure run as well
      deb: mythtv-common dependencies-> move to 1 for each line (more readable)
      deb: Add purisa font support
      deb: add support for droid fonts
      deb: Install otf fonts too
      deb: install mythlogserver
      deb: Don't install QJson libararies or headers.
      deb: ignore libmythqjson.prl
      deb: install copy of zeromq libaries
      deb: update source_mythtv apport hook to python3 compatible
      deb: drop recommends on adept-notifier
      deb: add zeromq_install_paths.patch to fix FTBFS.
      Revert "deb: add zeromq_install_paths.patch to fix FTBFS."
      Revert "deb: Pass INSTALL_ROOT during the build process of mythtv as well so that it gets applied to the zeromq ./configure run as well"
      deb: fix wildcard matching for ignoring zmq files
      Revert "deb: install copy of zeromq libaries"
      deb: explicitly ignore libmythzmq.la as wildcards don't appear to work properly with dh_install
      deb: zmq/nzmq/QJson include paths were moved to usr/include/mythtv.  remove override
      deb: install pkgconfig and static library for libmythzmq into the -dev package. the libtool library still needs an override (it probably shouldn't be installed anywhere)
      deb: install libmythzmq pkgconfig pc file to libmyth-dev package
      deb: Install MythTV specific sysctl.conf file
      deb: update rsyslog for 0.26.
      deb: missed mythfrontend, add that in logging too.
      deb: Remove extra dpkg-parsechangelog call that was mistakenly added.
      deb: let libtiff5-dev resolve build dependencies too.
      deb: switch libtiff5-dev and libtiff4-dev order to fix FTBFS on quantal
      deb: install README's for fonts in mythtv-doc
      deb: enable sdl so that mythffplay will work (see fb90f73)
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:packaging
      deb: load timezones into mysql during mythtv-database postinst (LP: #1010491)
      deb: mythtv-common depends on libxml-xpath-perl for config.xml parsing
      deb: drop support for mysql.txt, using only config.xml going forward
      deb: rename 0.25 stuff to 0.26

Martin Pitt (1):
      debian/control.in: Some ttf-* → fonts-* renames.

Michael Haas (61):
      Add 29_xinerama_fix.dpatch
      Fix layout
      * Depend on  libfftw3-dev | fftw3dev instead of just libfftw3-dev to make backporting easier
      try to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv/+bug/201567
      * remove liba52 stuff
      * prepare for new upload from 0-21-fixes branch (also see debian/changelog for changes)
      * use rev 16838 which got some new bug fixes (eg fixes CVE-2007-6036)
      *update changelog
      * add myth-halt etc to shutdown using hAL
      fix files
      make some changes to shutdown stuff
      adjust changelog
      Prepare for trunk builds (0.22 series)
      * rename libmyth-0.21 to libmyth-0.22
      add debian/patches/18_fix_video_profile.dpatch
      add debian/patches/18_fix_video_profile.dpatch
      adjust some package names
      fix build problems
      remove qt depencies
      fix coreavc
      merge coreavc branch
      remove coreavc build stamp in clean target
      add versioned depends for dshowserver-dev
      don't fail if coreavc build stamp doesn't exist
      dont fail if firewire rebuild is still present
      re-enable 07_glx-procaddressARB-configure dpatch
      * drop 07_ dpatch - it's upstream now
      really remove debian/patches/07_glx-procaddressARB-configure.dpatch
      add patches: debian/patches/24_fix_h264_frame_counting.dpatch debian/patches/25_skiploop_option.dpatch
      remove unnecessary patch which was never in the bzr branch
      remove 15_hue_fix.dpatch, it was fixed in http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/16896
      remove 17_pvr_350_tvout_fix.dpatch, upstream fixed it: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/17450
      update changelog
      * revert coreavc changes (revert r104-108)
      update changelog
      add 26_h264_ffmpeg_merge.dpatch, see http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/5645
      add LATM AAC support
      add email address to the latest patch
      bump upstream version
      bump date in changelog
      drop debian/patches/27_latm_audio.dpatch - the LATM parser is missing and that patch is more intrusive
      update 25_skiploop_option.dpatch - previously, it only worked if you had more than one thread enabled
      fix init script
      add patch to fix slow guide
      merge upstream branch.
      add libqt4-sql-mysql to depends for libmyth
      * sync against -fixes
      update patch.
      prepare new release:
      fix changelog
      update 24_fix_h264_frame_counting.dpatch with change from upstream
      bump rev to 18692
      remove 27_disable_deinterlacing_in_guide.dpatch - it's upstream now
      fix changelog
      silly plumber forgot to add debian/mythtv-frontend.dirs back then
      revert part of the last commit, this wasn't supposed to be committed
      more fixes & changelog cleanup
      add 28_fix_v4l.dpatch to fix green screen for v4l cards
      prevent mythwelcome from quitting spuriously under session management
      remove 28_fix_v4l.dpatch - a similar patch is upstream now
      Make sure 29_fix_mythwelcome.dpatch is applied

Nigel Pearson (2):
      Eliminate warning from long-gone arguments
      Trunk compile fix - external/nzmqt/src/main.cpp now needs STL.

Raymond Wagner (2):
      Fix Gentoo ebuilds for MythWeb
      Big ebuild bump.

Scott James Remnant (1):
      * debian/rules: Install udev rules into /lib/udev/rules.d

Stuart Auchterlonie (1):
      We specifically built pkg-config, so don't go deleting it

Thomas Mashos (46):
      Updated posters dir to /var/lib/mythtv/posters
      Added size restriction of 10M to log files
      Added bug #
      Updated lintian overrides for .22 libraries
      Added dependencies for qt3->qt4 change
      Removed dependency for libartsc0(libartsc0-dev)
      Removed patch 30 as it is now in upstream
      Added default storage directories to DB
      Removed default media directory db settings
      Removed default media directory db setting
      fixes (LP:469583)
      Added missingok for mirobridge log in logrotate (LP: #581283)
      Added missingok for mirobridge log in logrotate (LP: #581283)
      Updated perl bindings patch for upstream changes (LP: #586293)
      Backend now waits for udev to finish (LP: #556204)
      Added patch to properly detect dbus during compile (LP: #574877)
      Adding patches from previous 2 commits
      Added libqt4-webkit-dev dependency to satisify maverick FTBFS
      Added libqt4-webkit-dev dependency to satisify maverick FTBFS
      Bumped version number for new changes
      Added libqt4-webkit-dev dependency to satisify maverick FTBFS
      fixing changelog
      Added new python and perl dependencies
      Moved backup and restore scripts to mythtv-common from mythtv-database
      Moved backup and restore scripts from mythtv-database to mythtv-common
      Added Replaces for mythtv-common (LP: 622983)
      Added Replaces for mythtv-common (LP: 622983)
      Set backend to not respawn if it dies 2 times in 1 hour (LP: #654846)
      Set backend to not respawn if it dies 2 times in 1 hour (LP: #654846)
      Move metadata scripts and internetcontent to mythtv-common
      * Fixed Replaces for mythtv-common
      Fixes replaces in control.in for mythtv-common (LP: #676791)
      Added bindings as recommends to FR and BE in control.in
      * Added Breaks mythtv-backend to mythtv-common (LP: #677206)
      * Fixes replaces in control.in for mythtv-common (LP: #676791)
      Added script to find latest mythtv svn revision in PPA
      Make mythplugins replace mythmovies
      Make mythplugins replace mythmovies in debian/control.in
      Removed mythtv_v4l2_fix.patch as this issue has been fixed upstream
      Changed upstart to look for NOT lo instead of lo
      Changed backend upstart job to look at NOT lo, instead of lo
      Updated db schema for default plugins
      Updated changelog
      Added bug number to changelog entry
      Updated amejia's email
      Fix amejia's email again

john.baab at gmail.com (3):
      Fixed backend init script to correctly detect a running backend
      Fixed problem where init script errors on install
      Added config.xml symlink for mythtv user



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