[mythtv-firehose] mythtv/master commit: b3e44a20d by Stuart Morgan (stuartm)

MythTV noreply at mythtv.org
Thu Feb 23 21:33:39 UTC 2012

      Author:  Stuart Morgan <smorgan at mythtv.org>
 Change Date:  2012-02-23T11:06:59-08:00
   Push Date:  2012/02/23 13:33:23 -0800
  Repository:  mythtv
      Branch:  master
New Revision:  b3e44a20d096014781d802d94909e09b794fe063
   Changeset:  https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/b3e44a20d


Rule type was missed from the RecordingRule text map. Added so that it appears twice in the map, once under the correct title of ruletype but also as rectype to be consistent with the ProgramInfo map until after 0.25 when we can rename that instance.



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