[mythtv-firehose] mythtv/master commit: a02927df9 by Daniel Kristjansson (daniel-kristjansson)

MythTV noreply at mythtv.org
Thu Oct 13 13:46:19 UTC 2011

      Author:  Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net>
 Change Date:  2011-10-13T06:15:07-07:00
   Push Date:  2011/10/13 06:46:07 -0700
  Repository:  mythtv
      Branch:  master
New Revision:  a02927df9ad1e8785d0ce6865375c9587e3ac194
   Changeset:  https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/a02927df9


Fix cppcheck 'error'. This just gets rid of some redundant code.

Note: I did check to see that this wasn't a real regression, 30 minutes on that, 3 minutes on the 'fix' once I assured myself it wasn't.



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