[mythtv-firehose] mythtv/master commit: 62d70845b by Gavin Hurlbut (Beirdo)

MythTV noreply at mythtv.org
Fri May 27 07:08:33 UTC 2011

      Author:  Gavin Hurlbut <ghurlbut at mythtv.org>
 Change Date:  2011-05-27T00:08:00-07:00
   Push Date:  2011/05/27 00:08:26 -0700
  Repository:  mythtv
      Branch:  master
New Revision:  62d70845b46387bf16e0a1e1c75f7a0082ba61f3
   Changeset:  https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/62d70845b


Make the free space updates start in PBH

Make it so as soon as the playbackboxhelper thread starts, it forces an update
of the free space so the bar can start updating.  Once it has been started,
the free space will update on a timer basis (looks like every 15s).

Fixes #9771



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