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On 1/1/24 07:28, Roland Ernst wrote:
> Happy New Year!
> It looks like the term "Use EIT" is sometimes translated as "U see it"
> de.json
> "col_useeit": "Du siehst es",
> es.json
> col_useeit": "Lo ves",
> fr.json
> "col_useeit": "Tu le vois",
> it.json
> "col_useeit": "Lo vedi",
> pl.json
> "col_useeit": "Widzisz to",
> pt_BR.json
> "col_useeit": "Você vê isso",
> pt.json
> "col_useeit": "Você vê isso",
> Is there a generic way to correct this?
> Roland
The system does allow you to manually change individual translations 
without risking that they will be updated by a later run of the 
translation program.

However in this case, I tried putting EIT in quotes or with spaces and 
periods, it always does the same as you saw.

I checked the files. None contain the string 'XXX'. The best solution I 
can see is change the original text to "Use XXX". Re-translate the 
col_useeit entry. Then all the translations have XXX in them:

bg.json:            "col_useeit": "Използвайте XXX",
ca.json:            "col_useeit": "Utilitza XXX",
cs.json:            "col_useeit": "Použijte XXX",
da.json:            "col_useeit": "Brug XXX",
de.json:            "col_useeit": "Verwenden Sie XXX",
el.json:            "col_useeit": "Χρησιμοποιήστε το XXX",
en_CA.json:            "col_useeit": "Use XXX",
en_GB.json:            "col_useeit": "Use XXX",
en_US.json:            "col_useeit": "Use XXX",
es_ES.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar XXX",
es.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar XXX",
et.json:            "col_useeit": "Kasutage XXX",
fi.json:            "col_useeit": "Käytä XXX",
fr.json:            "col_useeit": "Utiliser XXX",
he.json:            "col_useeit": "השתמש ב-XXX",
hr.json:            "col_useeit": "Koristite XXX",
hu.json:            "col_useeit": "Használja a XXX alkalmazást",
is.json:            "col_useeit": "Notaðu XXX",
it.json:            "col_useeit": "Usa XXX",
ja.json:            "col_useeit": "XXX を使用する",
nb.json:            "col_useeit": "Bruk XXX",
nl.json:            "col_useeit": "Gebruik XXX",
pl.json:            "col_useeit": "Użyj XXX",
pt_BR.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar XXX",
pt.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar XXX",
sl.json:            "col_useeit": "Uporabi XXX",
sv.json:            "col_useeit": "Använd XXX",
tr.json:            "col_useeit": "XXX'i kullan",
zh_CN.json:            "col_useeit": "使用XXX",
zh_HK.json:            "col_useeit": "使用XXX",

Then I do a global change on all files of XXX to EIT.

for file in *.json ; do sed 's/XXX/EIT/' $file > fix/$file ; done

grep col_useeit *
bg.json:            "col_useeit": "Използвайте EIT",
ca.json:            "col_useeit": "Utilitza EIT",
cs.json:            "col_useeit": "Použijte EIT",
da.json:            "col_useeit": "Brug EIT",
de.json:            "col_useeit": "Verwenden Sie EIT",
el.json:            "col_useeit": "Χρησιμοποιήστε το EIT",
en_CA.json:            "col_useeit": "Use EIT",
en_GB.json:            "col_useeit": "Use EIT",
en_US.json:            "col_useeit": "Use EIT",
es_ES.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
es.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
et.json:            "col_useeit": "Kasutage EIT",
fi.json:            "col_useeit": "Käytä EIT",
fr.json:            "col_useeit": "Utiliser EIT",
he.json:            "col_useeit": "השתמש ב-EIT",
hr.json:            "col_useeit": "Koristite EIT",
hu.json:            "col_useeit": "Használja a EIT alkalmazást",
is.json:            "col_useeit": "Notaðu EIT",
it.json:            "col_useeit": "Usa EIT",
ja.json:            "col_useeit": "EIT を使用する",
nb.json:            "col_useeit": "Bruk EIT",
nl.json:            "col_useeit": "Gebruik EIT",
pl.json:            "col_useeit": "Użyj EIT",
pt_BR.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
pt.json:            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
ru.json:            "col_useeit": "Используйте ХХХ",
sl.json:            "col_useeit": "Uporabi EIT",
sv.json:            "col_useeit": "Använd EIT",
tr.json:            "col_useeit": "EIT'i kullan",
zh_CN.json:            "col_useeit": "使用EIT",
zh_HK.json:            "col_useeit": "使用EIT",

For some reason the sed does not work on the ru.json file.

I went through the list and reverted all of those that already had EIT 
in the translation of col_useeit. Some of them came out different with 
the XXX. I suspect that sed was not handling utf-8 correctly with 
unusual character sets.

I am left with these changes. Does this look OK?

--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/de.json
-            "col_useeit": "Du siehst es",
+            "col_useeit": "Verwenden Sie EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/es.json
-            "col_useeit": "Lo ves",
+            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/es_ES.json
-            "col_useeit": "Lo ves",
+            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/fr.json
-            "col_useeit": "Tu le vois",
+            "col_useeit": "Utiliser EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/he.json
-            "col_useeit": "אתה רואה את זה",
+            "col_useeit": "השתמש ב-EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/it.json
-            "col_useeit": "Lo vedi",
+            "col_useeit": "Usa EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/pl.json
-            "col_useeit": "Widzisz to",
+            "col_useeit": "Użyj EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/pt.json
-            "col_useeit": "Você vê isso",
+            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",
--- a/mythtv/html/assets/i18n/pt_BR.json
-            "col_useeit": "Você vê isso",
+            "col_useeit": "Usar EIT",

If it is OK I will commit it.

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