[mythtv] Improving manual recordings

Scott Theisen scott.the.elm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 15:33:42 UTC 2022

On 10/3/22 21:33, David Engel wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 03, 2022 at 06:57:27PM -0400, Scott Theisen wrote:
>> On 10/3/22 17:34, David Engel wrote:
>>> On Mon, Oct 03, 2022 at 05:16:47PM -0400, Scott Theisen wrote:
>>>> On 10/3/22 16:41, David Engel wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 10:11:23AM -0400, Scott Theisen wrote:
>>>>>> On 9/26/22 21:51, David Engel wrote:
>>>>>>> I'll have to review your patch.  ENOTIME right now to do a thorough
>>>>>>> enough job but I did realize removing the "(Manual Record)" bit was
>>>>>>> not as easy as I'd hoped it was.
>>>>>>> David
>>>>>> Thinking on it a little more, I think this way is better:
>>>>>> ```
>>>>>> diff --git a/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp
>>>>>> b/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp
>>>>>> index 5d8a529dfc..fd2a322a06 100644
>>>>>> --- a/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp
>>>>>> +++ b/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp
>>>>>> @@ -3698,6 +3698,16 @@ void Scheduler::UpdateManuals(uint recordid)
>>>>>>         RecordingType rectype = RecordingType(query.value(0).toInt());
>>>>>>         QString title = query.value(1).toString();
>>>>>> +    {
>>>>>> +        // match suffix to ProgramInfo manual recording constructor
>>>>>> +        QString suffix = " (" + QObject::tr("Manual Record") + ')';
>>>>>> +        // corner case: user changed language between creating rule and
>>>>>> now,
>>>>>> +        // don't chop the end in that case
>>>>>> +        if (title.endsWith(suffix))
>>>>>> +        {
>>>>>> +            title.chop(suffix.size());
>>>>>> +        }
>>>>>> +    }
>>>>>>         QString subtitle = query.value(2).toString();
>>>>>>         QString description = query.value(3).toString();
>>>>>>         QString station = query.value(4).toString();
>>>>>> ```
>>>>>> It has the same effect and is more correct in my opinion, even if it is more
>>>>>> computationally intensive.  It is also clearer what it is chopping.
>>>>> Sorry for the slow response.  Last week turned into a rather hectic week.
>>>>> I'm going to veto this patch and anything similar to it.  While it
>>>>> will likely work for the basic case of recording, there are enough
>>>>> enough other cases (e.g duplicate checking, override recordings,
>>>>> reactivation, change ending time, etc.) that I'm not confident in.
>>>> Manual recordings are excluded from duplicate checking:https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/blob/167e016e38b30fb2984e1959dc323bbdaea30468/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/manualschedule.cpp#L214
>>> The scheduler performs its own form of duplicate checking while a
>>> program is recording and when one is stopped early.
>> Could that be why creating a new manual recording with the same (default)
>> name resulted in only one recording with the newer duration overriding the
>> old?
> Probably.  The oldrecorded table serves multiple purposes.  One
> purpose is maitaining scheduler state and that keys off scheduled (not
> recording) starttime, callsign and program title.

If it uses the callsign, that may be the cause of a separate issue I 
discovered.  I receive two channels (22.1 and 67.1) with the same 
callsign, MPT-HD.  When I manually scheduled a test recording on 22_1, 
it recorded from the other channel, 67_1, instead.

>>>> What do you mean by "override recordings"?
>>> Override rules -- don't record and record with override settings.
>> Don't record this showing works fine.
>> Record with override appeared to work, although setting two overrides with
>> three conflicting recordings and two tuners did not select both overrides
>> without reducing the recording priority of the third recording.  However, we
>> don't use that kind of override so I don't know how it's supposed to work.
>>>> I will perform some tests with overlapping manual recordings. Stopping the
>>>> recordings early worked fine from what I remember. I'll also test two
>>>> identically named recording rules with different lengths, with one canceled.
>>>> You can't change the end time (or the start time) after creating a manual
>>>> recording rule, except by adjusting the start early and end late times.
>>>> Unless you were talking about something else?
>>> The ending time can be changed while a program is recording.  Programs
>>> can also be restarted either manually or automatically due to crashes
>>> either with the normal end time or another one for that recording.
>> Changing the end late amount worked for a recording in progress. Restarting
>> a failed recording manually worked.
> I'm still not comfortable with the change.  The more I think about it,
> I like the ruletitle change much, much more.  It's the old adage -- If
> a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well.
> David

I don't want perfect to become the enemy of good enough.  I think 
trimming " (Manual Record)" is good enough.

If *you* also want to add ruletitle, that seems to me like a mostly 
separate enhancement.  Since it is your idea, you probably have a better 
idea of what that change entails.

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