[mythtv] ffmpeg pull requests

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue May 31 13:41:05 UTC 2022

Hi Scott

Please can you let me know which ffmpeg pull requests are ready to go. 
Code changes need to be applied to the MythTV/FFmpeg repository first, 
then we can copy the structure into MythTV/mythtv, ffgmpeg-resync 
branch. we need to keep commits that affect ffmpeg separate from ones 
that affect the MythTV code.

Once they are done, we can attempt merging ffmpeg 5.

Does this sound good to you? Do you have any recommendations for a 
better way to get everything merged with the least pain?. Having the 
MythTV/FFmpeg repository makes it easier to merge new versions, but does 
separate out the history and makes it more difficult to track down bugs, 
however I don't know of any better way.


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