[mythtv] webapp settings error checking

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Sun May 15 00:16:13 UTC 2022

On 14/05/2022 22:51, Peter Bennett wrote:

> I have added error checking to the miscellaneous settings tab. The 
> observable supports three callbacks. The error callback is called if 
> there is an http error.
> I added a div to the html page for the confirmation or error message.
> My screen layout and usage of classes may not be best. The footer that 
> I copied used classes p-grid p-nogutter p-justify-end. These caused 
> very strange things to happen when I tried to add text between the 
> buttons. I changed them to grid and nogutter and added col-1 instead 
> of p-justify-end. These are according to the documentation in 
> https://primefaces.org/primeflex/gridsystem .
> I don't know where the p-grid etc are documented.
We use the newer PrimeFlex3 which removed the p- from many of the class 


This is why I said in the wiki be careful with the examples/tutorials 
you see on the web because they may have been written for previous versions.

> The text color classes in https://primefaces.org/primeflex/textcolor 
> did not work, I don't know why, so I used style="color:red;"
I've found it can be a little frustrating getting things to look the way 
you want and it's not always obvious, to me at least, why some things 
don't work as you expected.

I think I used p-error in the validation errors in the wizard.

> Please feel free to let me know if I have gone wrong and where. If you 
> prefer the p-grid etc, where are they documented?
> Peter

Paul H.

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