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Date: 	Mon, 2 May 2022 17:51:52 +0100
From: 	Paul Harrison <mythtv at mythqml.net>
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On 01/05/2022 22:04, Paul Harrison wrote:

> On 01/05/2022 20:38, Peter Bennett wrote:
>> Hi Paul
>> I am sorry to hear about your bike accident.
>> I am going to try to understand the angular stuff and help out with 
>> the setup development. I can start on the "Backend Network" if you 
>> are not already working on it. Is that OK? Otherwise what part should 
>> I do? I thought that to start at the beginning, the "general" section 
>> of mythtv-setup would make sense. Backend Network is part of that.
>> Peter
>> (Resent from a different email address - the prior one was rejected 
>> by the list server)
> Hi Peter,
> I have a WIP patch that's a sort of proof of concept that can be used 
> to add the settings in the General section of mythtv-setup. It's not 
> commplete I think IIRC I just did the Locale and Network settings with 
> some basic empty components for the rest but it could be extended. I 
> know the last thing I was looking at was to add an exit guard to 
> prevent users moving to other parts of the WebApp without first saving 
> any unsaved changes and I think I still need to do the saving part as 
> well. It's been over 8 weeks now since I last looked at it and a lot 
> has happened since then so I'm a little hazy on where I got up to.
> Last week I did briefly try to update my work branch but there was 
> conflicts and didn't really feel like messing with it to fix them but 
> if you are going to work on it I will try to get it to at least apply 
> and may see if I can commit what I have so others can comment on if 
> it's a good approach or not. Give me a day or two and I will see what 
> I can do.
> Paul H.

I've managed to fix the conflicts and committed the WIP patch. Normally 
I'd like to break up the patch to smaller commits but since it's very 
much WIP I just committed it as one minus a few bits I'm not sure about. 
My aim is not only to get more users/devs interested to help out with 
the webapp but also I hated having to waste time fixing conflicts.

There is a new icon on the left that takes you to the General settings 
page. Each section is a component in the accordion and they use Angular 
to dynamically load  each section so it's pretty efficient. So far I've 
partly completed the Locale and Network settings components and haven't 
fully figured out how best to save/update the settings etc. It would be 
easy for others to work on one of the other components for example the 
'EIT Scanner Options' or 'Backend Wakeup Settings' etc. without stepping 
on others work on some other component.  I'm open to discussion on 
whether this approach is OK for the settings part of the webapp I'm not 
a UI or UX expert.

I haven't been able to test on a live system since the LaunchPad 
builders are on a go slow and taking a very long time, 15 hours or more 
in some cases to build.

The long term goal is to not only be able to configure the backend 
remotely but also to be able to replace MythWeb and the WebFrontend in 
one WebApp so there is a lot to go at.

Comments welcome!

Paul H.
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