[mythtv] webapp setup

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 13:58:36 UTC 2022

Building the replacement for mythtv-setup as a webapp. The first section 
(1.General) is done, apart from some details and clean up.

Next step:

Before creating the next section of settings, we need a menu that 
selects the section.

Currently the settings icon in the left nav bar goes directly to the 
Settings - General page.

Instead, it can pop up a menu with the 8 settings pages that we have in 
mythtv-seup: 1. General, 2. Capture Cards, 3. Recording Profiles, etc.

There is a bunch of popup menu types in Prime NG, so I can select one 
and build a popup menu.

The existing setup pages may not be ideal, but the way I am doing it is 
by setting up the new system with the same page structure as the 
existing mythtv-setup. If anybody has a better arrangement of setup 
pages let me know.

I am still a Rank Amateur at Angular so it will take time to figure 
everything out.


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