[mythtv] V2Capture::AddCardInput

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Thu Jul 7 00:51:48 UTC 2022

On 07/07/2022 01:09, John P Poet wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> The attach patch makes mythcenter-wide show the input name instead of 
> the cardid on the upcoming recordings screen. It demonstrates what 
> David and I have been arguing about (discussing 😃 :)
> In Steppes there is room to show the full capturecard "displayname" 
> but in most themes there is not. So David came up with a solution to 
> trim down the dislayname to the last two characters to they would fit 
> in most themes where they would normally show the cardid. Since 
> Steppes could show the full name, I thought limiting it to two 
> characters was too restrictive. Our compromise was to limit it to two 
> characters unless the user used a slash ('/') as part of the 
> displayname. If a '/' is detected, then anything after the slash is 
> now used as the *short* displayname. This effectively allows me to use 
> whatever size *short* displayname I want, while still defaulting to 
> only the last two characters for most users.
> Both David and I agree that using the input name (aka displayname) is 
> more user friendly than using the cardid, but most themes still use 
> the cardid. I am happy to commit this mythcenter-wide patch, but 
> wanted to get your sign-off first.
> John

Hi John,

That's fine by me it sound like a reasonable compromise.

It's late and I have not looked at the code but I assume we have a 
toMap() function somewhere that maps the theme template strings to there 
actual values if so one thought I had was to maybe have two template 
strings one for the short 2 character display name and one and one for 
the full length display name that way themers can choose which one they 
want to use?

Paul H.

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