[mythtv] FFmpeg

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 17:02:58 UTC 2022

Hi Scott

Thank you for all the hard work you are putting into MythTV.

You have a pull request in MythTV/mythtv for ffmpeg cleanup, and also 
one in mythTV/FFmpeg for reversions.

I would also like to start merging the latest FFmpeg master in 
preparation for FFmpeg 5.0. My process is to merge from FFmpeg/FFmpeg 
master into MythTV/FFmpeg master up to the point where FFmpeg creates 
release/5.0, then create release/5.0 in MythTV/FFmpeg. Once everything 
is successfully merged, then copy the FFmpeg contents into MythTV, 
ffmpeg-resync branch. ffmpeg-resync branch will be deleted and recreated 
from master.

In order to make bisecting FFmpeg changes easier I would like to try 
multiple cherry-pick or rebase instead of merge into our FFmpeg so that 
there is a single line history of commits.

This process necessarily loses all changes that have been committed to 

The ffmpeg cleanup pull request contains changes to 
MythTV/mythtv/external/FFmpeg which will be lost. Are all of those 
changes contained in the reversions pull request?

Do you recommend applying your pull requests before starting the merge, 
rebase or cherry-pick of FFmpeg master into our FFmpeg?

Do you recommend a different process for incorporating FFmpeg 5.0?


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