[mythtv] Patches and Git. Was Re: Database upgrade failure (fixed)

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 10:46:22 UTC 2022

On 01/02/2022 05:26, David Hampton via mythtv-dev wrote:

>> I'm afraid this is on a different level from Gary's concerns, but
>> Ihere's another update on my build problems.
>> I realised that the build script has, as its first line, the URL of
>> the
>> MythTV GitHub page; and I already had a fork of that, unused for some
>> time.  So I resynced that to master, successfully uploaded the patch,
>> and updated the URL in the script.  The commit string had changed and
>> the build worked, but midway through I realised that the patch hadn't
>> been applied there either;  the old code was still on the forked
>> webpage.
>> Another build is now going ahead using the new code from the unforked
>> GitHub.  The inactive patch has the comment "Add files via upload" -
>> and
>> I suppose I should now delete it.
> I committed that change to git earlier today about noon EST.  If you
> pulled master since then you don't need to apply the patch.
> David

After that fiasco I have thought about this - perhaps not before time.

The build script works fine.  Thanks, Gary :-)  But to apply patches I 
think I should:

Clone the MythTV repo to a local directory, and keep it updated with git 
pull;  say  Repo_1.  Push to stack.

If patches are to be applied, clone Repo_1 to Repo_2 and git apply the 
patches to Repo_2.  Push to stack.

Use the top Repo_n on the stack as the REPO defined in the Build script. 
   That will clone yet again to get a commit hash before mock builds the 
RPMs for a chosen distribution in a clean environment using up-to-date 

I haven't tried it all out, and there's a lot of churning for small 
changes, but it feels good.

This looks like a helpful guide.  Mutatis mutandis, as they say in 
(some) Cambridges.



John P

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