[mythtv] Improve searching the forum

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Wed Dec 14 15:34:40 UTC 2022

This is mainly for the attention of the forum managers Stuart A and 
David H?, but I would welcome any feed back from anyone familiar with phpBB.

I noticed when trying to search for words like mysql or config.xml on 
the forum wasn't working as expected because they are common words used 
in the MythTV forum.  A Google search proved this is a common complaint 
with the search on phpBB forums.

There is a setting to tweak the behavior of the common word search 
feature (Administration Control Panel under the General tab -> Server 
Configuration -> Search Settings -> Common word threshold). The default 
appears to be 5 and it's a percentage value so I suggest we try to 
increase that value to try to make the search more usable? Many forum 
admins gave up trying to tweak it and just set it to 0 which should 
disable the feature altogether which would be the other option but it's 
unclear if there are any downsides to doing this would it make the 
search or the forums slower? There is mention of a search index that 
needs to be recreated after the setting is changed under Maintenance -> 
Search Index.

I would have a play with the setting myself but doesn't look like forum 
Admins have access to the setting only forum managers?

Paul H.

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