[mythtv] DSMCC testing and sample request

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 12:14:23 UTC 2022

On 28/07/2022 00:17, Scott Theisen wrote:
> On 7/27/22 16:49, Paul Harrison wrote:
>> On 27/07/2022 21:19, Scott Theisen wrote:
>>> On 7/27/22 15:31, Peter Bennett wrote:
>>>> I tested the two mheg samples on two systems running builds of master.
>>>> One has v33-Pre-509-g7ea05dd532: the mheg screens can be seen by 
>>>> pressing F2 and navigating around, using both VAAPI and OPENGL 
>>>> playback profiles.
>>>> The other has v33-Pre-733-ge0996cb499 and I cannot get the mheg to 
>>>> display anything, pressing F2 or F7 has no effect, on both OPENGL 
>>>> and NVDEC profiles.
>>>> Have I messed something up or is MHEG broken in the latest master?
>>>> Peter
>>> Using either Peter's sample or John Pilkington's, I couldn't get the 
>>> menu either on ffmpeg-cleanup+harmonize (devel/ffmpeg-resync).
>>> It sounds like it should be bisectable.
>>> Scott
>> A quick test watching live TV on BBC1 with current master seems to 
>> work OK for me.
>> Also if it's not obvious the interactive streams are supposed to be 
>> used on LiveTV and most if not all commercially available DVR's don't 
>> allow recordings to show the interactive stuff it is only because 
>> MythTV can optionally record all streams associated with a particular 
>> channel that recordings can show the interactive stuff which was 
>> current at the time of the recording.
>> Paul H.
> Testing on master with my two samples also worked fine.
> Scott

Since late 2020 I have been getting occasional 20-second hangups on 
moving from playback to the cutlist editor, mostly but not exclusively 
during DVB radio playback. Issue #344.  I don't think anyone else has 
reproduced this, the logs didn't help, and I developed editing 
strategies that seemed to make it less likely.

Usually I have had 'Interactive TV' disabled.  I don't remember why, but 
I had the impression that doing so reduced the likelihood of some other 

During this trial I have re-enabled it, and the mysterious hangups seem 
to have gone away, in both fixes/32 and devel/ffmpeg-resync.  The 
display gives hints about cutpoint location too. :-)

John P

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