[mythtv] HDHomeRun lineup.json for ATSC

Scott T scott.the.elm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 20:11:14 UTC 2021

On 9/27/21 3:15 PM, The Bit Pit wrote:
> Please don't break the Connect DUO devices (2 tuners for standard 
> ATSC) when duplicating capture cards. I like your idea just be sure it 
> works with these older tuners. 
I have an HDHR4-2US with Firmware Version: 20161117, so I don't want to 
break them either.
> I don't think they have the HTTP interface.
They do, I just checked using VLC.

To clarify a little about what I was thinking:

Create a new tuner type using the hdhomerun HTTP API
using the libhdhomerun api:
In setup this tuner should query the network and display a list of 
devices if found greater than 1.
For the selected device:
get /sys/hwmodel
get /sys/features
channelmap: us-bcast us-cable us-hrc us-irc kr-bcast kr-cable
modulation: 8vsb qam256 qam64
auto-modulation: auto auto6t auto6c qam

features should be able to be inferred from hwmodel, as should tuner count.
My main idea was to add a max tuners variable to the capture card with a 
range of [1, tuner count], so instead of duplicating the same settings 
for multiple MythTV capture cards, you only have to configure once with 
one capture card.

That new behavior should be orthogonal to using the HTTP API, but it 
might as well be added at the same time.

Support for the ATSC 3.0 tuners requires some additional thought. 
However, by checking for hwmodel == “HDHR5-4K”, it should be possible 
(as a first pass) to have the mixed tuners (0 and 1) on one capture card 
and ATSC 1 only tuners (2 and 3) on a separate capture card. Ideally, it 
would only be one capture card, but that requires more investigation.  
(You don't want to use tuner 0 or 1 for ATSC 1 if there are other ATSC 1 
tuners available when using those tuners would conflict with getting an 
ATSC 3.0 recording.)

I’ll add some more comments on ATSC 3 support on the forum.

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