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Mon Sep 27 19:16:19 UTC 2021

On 9/27/21 2:22 PM, f-myth-users at lab.media.mit.edu wrote:
> That's an interesting idea.  You could then perhaps use CSS (see
> "Styling namespaces" in "Using custom namespaces") to give the pages a
> distinctive color at least, though I'm unsure if there's some clever way
> to also (for example) add some text saying "probably obsolete."  (Maybe
> there's some CSS element used in every page that could be co-opted
> somehow.)  If you can't make them visually distinctive, though, in
> a way that someone landing on a random page from a search engine
> will immediately figure out even if they haven't seen some sort of
> explanatory page, this mmay not help much.
You could probably co-opt the page title, i.e <h1>, but I don't know CSS.
> This does have the advantage that the pages which are moved into the
> namespace don't have their modification date updated and also means that
> every such page doesn't have a spurious diff emitted (possibly also to
> all watchers) about it.  I don't know if that really matters, though.
Another advantage is that even without custom CSS, the page title 
becomes prefixed by the namespace name.
> If namespaces are used, remember to move the Talk: pages, too.
That's why you leave the odd numbers available.
> It would probably be a good idea to upgrade the wiki to the latest LTS
> version first, though
I agree.
> [Btw, my earlier template-based idea should probably also put every such
> page into a category like "Obsolete," which makes them easier to find if
> that's what you're trying to do.  One interesting idea even if we don't
> go for the fancy per-version templates from my previous examples might
> be to create tags which emit text like "first added in Myth v31" and
> also have the appropriate category.  Then at least going forward, it's
> possible to tell if you're looking at documentation that's newer than
> whatever it is you're running.  But it might be easier just to use the
> existing MW template, which is basically the same thing---I just haven't
> recursively checked to see how many other templates MW might depend on,
> though I'll point out that there -is- some sort of "export this template"
> functionality somewhere in MediaWiki to make this sort of thing easier.]
We already have some templates like (what I think) you are suggesting: 
All templates: 

UpToDate (maybe these should add to a category like Outdated does)
Outdated and Outdated2 add to Category:Outdated
maybe have a new template that says “marked outdated on {{CURRENTDATE}}, 
previous edit was on {{REVISIONDATE}}” That is not going to actually 
work but I’m not sure how to do that.

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