[mythtv] What MythTV versions are considered supported?

Paul Harrison mythtv at mythqml.net
Mon Sep 27 17:13:13 UTC 2021

On 26/09/2021 03:15, Scott T wrote:
> Are fixes only being backported to 31, or are they still being 
> backported to 30?

As a general rule we only backport to the current fixes branch so 
currently that would be 31. Only bug fixes should be backported so no 
new features or code cleanups or anything like that gets backported and 
we always try to avoid making database or mythprotocol changes in the 
fixes branch that could break future upgrades.  We like to let bug fixes 
sit in master at least a week or 10 days just to make sure there are no 
regressions before backporting to the fixes branch since our largest 
group of users are using Ubuntu and many of them use the PPA which get 
built daily from the fixes/31 branch so any regressions would 
potentially affect a lot of MythTV users.

Having said there are no hard and past rules so sometimes bug fixes do 
get backported to the previous version for example if a bug is found 
shortly after a release and many users are still using the previous 
version then we may consider backporting the fix if it is affecting many 
users that are still on the previous version.

> Is there any standard time period after the next version has been 
> released that fixes are backported?

Not that I'm aware of.  Often the fixes branch is created several weeks 
before the new release just to get more users to try it before doing the 
final released version.

> Thanks,
> Scott

Paul H.

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