[mythtv] compile issues - latest macOS SDK (11.3) / Xcode (11.5)

John Hoyt john.hoyt at gmail.com
Fri May 28 12:29:44 UTC 2021

> > Any suggestions on how to tell the compiler to explicitly ignore the
>> VERSION file?
>> If you are in the Apple Developer Program, are
>> you not able to open a Technical Support Incident
>> to request support on the API frameworks?
>> That may take a bit of time to get resolution,
>> but fixing the framework to "do the right thing"
>> would seem to be the longer term better
>> solution (for you, and others).
> I am a member of the Apple Developer program and I just generated an issue
> with Apple.
> I expect this will take a while to resolve :) - I'm still looking for a
> workaround, but renaming VERSION locally seems to be working so I can post
> some updated mac builds again.

Here's the response to my issue report to Apple:

"Thanks for reporting the issue. Unfortunately the problem is caused by the
fact that you’re passing in `-I../..` header search path option. The
cstddef header in the SDK has the following include `#include <version>`,
and the header search path you pass into the compiler invocation appears to
contain a `version` header there. Please either rename `version` header in
your project or stop passing in `-I../..` to your compilation to resolve
the issue. Fwiw the `version` header is part of the C++ standard
https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/header/version, and thus the compiler
reserves it for its own use and thus you shouldn’t use that name in your

I suspect this is in the "won't fix" bin for Apple - but I pointed them to
3 other projects that have similar issues, so maybe Apple will take a
deeper look.
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