[mythtv] Time to retire mythweb?

James jam at tigger.ws
Mon Dec 13 14:01:29 UTC 2021

>> Some time ago I very rudely described WebFrontend as being for the mobile
>> phone set. I too use MythWeb exclusively because it just works.
> Which is ironic since it doesn't work on a mobile phone. The design isn't 
> properly responsive so it's pretty much impossible to use on a mobile browser.
> Are we talking of the same thing?
> http://{backend_ip}:6544/ ?
> Of course with the ripping out of the QtScript support I've no idea if this is 
> even functional in the current dev build. Though it's been in MythTV for 
> years, it still surprises me how few people know of it's existence.
>> I want a tool that does my task, with a minimum of fuss and without
>> impressing me as to how clever or artisticly talented the programmers are.
>> If WebFrontend meets those critera  then good else we have a situtation
>> where developer talent is diluted trying to maintain MythWeb
> Again, not sure if we're talking of the same thing here. No-one has ever 
> described me as artistic or clever.

(a) I did say it was a while back (b) I did say .. rudely.. (c) I humbly apologise especially as I've been looking at wots-to-be-done to rewrite and it's huge.
Twas a while back but IIRC it went something like this

Record abc
Oops never record
Ooops do record abc but not def

Until I was so wrapped in knots I could not recover. Eventually I restored that morning's backup, said enough words to get me 500 years in purgetry, wrote my mail and was very grateful for MythWeb.

PS yes :6544

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